Enermax Hoplite ST Lucky Draw

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My favorite Enermax product is the Ostrog case it is stylish and is well thought out in layout.
Love their PSU's....been using them religiously for years (since i started building PC's).

Their new cases look great!
Been using Enermax PSU's since late 90's..... Great power supplies at great pricing!
So far my favorite Enermax product is their power supplies. Never an issue, have owned at least 3 that I can remember. I actually did not know they made anything else until today.
I have used Enermax PSUs in al my PC builds since the mid 90's when I got bit by the building and modding bug. They have never failed me, so I've seen no reason to switch brands.
Enermax PSU's, in my own experience are solid.

Would have to see how well this case is designed to make an opinion of that :)
Had an Enermax case back in the day. Was good for it's time. Lasted me many of years.
My favorite Enermax product is their PSUs. Never tried the cases.
Good PSU's and cases. Recognizable brand name. At least to us enthusiasts, lol.
Just ordered a new ELC120-TA and it would be nice to have a case to put it in. *wink* *wink*
I Just noticed that you need to live in the United States to enter this contest. I do not live in the United States. Please remove my post from this contest. Too bad though.

Don't know if I've ever used a Enermax product? I took a look through your power supplies and the Platimax 850W EPM850EWT with the heat guard feature.looks like a very nice power supply and would be a product that I would purchase.
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I've had a few Enermax PSUs and probably a few fans as well. Can't really say I have a favorite product from them, but the PSUs seem to be pretty good.

Never had an Enermax case before, but I used to use their PSUs a lot. :)
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