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  • The Win 7 tests are brutal. Hardest thing I ever taken as far as cert tests go.

    They really drill deep and make you answer on a very specific step by step level.
    If anything you learned along the way is "shorcutted" you're gonna have a rough go
    at the tests.

    The 70-685 / 680 / 686 tests are great, and the books I've read so far are generally ok, but you have to take them all with a grain of salt. Having the Desktop Admin in 7 is = MCDST on XP / Vista. If you're looking for a comparison to draw between them all.

    Good luck, study hard, they're not easy tests
    Hello mate :)

    Speaking of certification, are you familiar MS Windows 7 Desktop Administration test ? Perhaps you can give me some tips, if so. Its supposed deal with general support and troubleshooting subjects.

    looking forward to hear from you.
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