1. T

    HOT - Razer - DeathAdder Elite Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with Chroma Lighting $25

    Grabbing one of these as well.
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Chrome 71 Arrives With Upgraded Ad Blocker

    Chrome 71 arrives today, and comes the usual slew of fixes and improvements. Among other things, Chrome will now block websites that abuse the Speech Synthesis dictation API, and the devs added support for relative times in websites. But the most major change is probably the update to Chrome's...
  3. R

    Chrome Blocking Cryptojacking Extensions

    In a post on the Chromium Blog, Extensions Platform manager, James Wagner has announced that they are no longer accepting extensions that mine cryptocurrency. Previously the Chrome web store permitting extensions that mined Cryptocurrency, provided that that was the extension's single purpose...