vr games

  1. Armenius

    The 7th Guest VR

    Full real-time 3D remake made exclusively for PlayStation VR2 on PlayStation 5 coming out for PlayStation VR2 and Steam VR.
  2. Supercharged_Z06

    Beat Saber

    If you have a PC VR setup (Rift/Vive) and even remotely like music rhythm games, then this game is a no-brainer. Trust me, just get it. My arms are about to fall off... Who knew a light saber/fruit ninja/guitar hero mash-up could be so much fun?! The developers are also releasing a level...
  3. slyxxmarbo

    best/most worth it VR game for rift

    Hi everyone! i bought a used rift without the controllers from my friend a lil while back. so far i;ve only played and viewed the free games on the Oculus store. but i recently received a $50 gift card for steam and was wondering what game i should get. i've been eying the Batman VR game but...
  4. L

    Lethal VR Released

    20% off today on release day so $11.99. It's a shooting game and really fun. I just bought it. It's basically target practice arcade style kind of game. With guns, knives and throwing stars. A decent workout later as you have to use gun or knives to hit only certain targets. It's more arcade...
  5. M

    List of SLI/mGPU enabled VR games

    Hello everyone, As a user with two identical nVidia cards I was getting quite excited seeing that Unreal Engine 4 has enabled the possibility of using SLI for the games based on that engine. Naturally I started looking for games which would support SLI and have found two so far and a third with...
  6. S

    Games with unofficial VR support

    I'm still not sold on getting a Vive, I haven't seen any games that makes me decide. Are there any games with unofficieal VR support? I've read that Alien Isolation kind of works but has issues, any games that are playable?
  7. FrgMstr

    AMD and NVIDIA GPU Vive VR Performance in Raw Data @ [H]

    AMD and NVIDIA GPU Vive VR Performance in Raw Data - Both AMD and NVIDIA have had a lot to say about "VR" for a while now. VR is far from mainstream, but we are now seeing some games that are tremendously compelling to play, putting you in middle of the action. Raw Data is one of those, and it...
  8. N

    VR Roller Coaster at Six Flags

    Don't know if this has been posted or not, but Six Flags has introduced VR on it's Superman Roller Coaster. It's a pretty novel use of the technology, but if they don't get the timing right there is going to be a lot of puke to clean up...
  9. B

    Best accurate VR experience

    I have the HTC Vive and the CV1 Rift for a couple moths now. I have played almost every title on both that has been highlighted by gaming press. Just letting anyone here who wants to try some incredible stuff. Project Cars on the Rift with a Logitech race wheel is so immersive that literally I...