1. P

    Likelyhood of damaging computer motherboard by a damaged/shorted USB peripheral?

    Hello, i am having several computers and one USB 3.0 hub (has its own optional power supply) and this hub PCB (printed circuit board) may have short circuit or be somehow electicaly damaged. How likely it is that when i connect this hub to the USB port of the computer and connect USB flash...
  2. Shadowarez

    Fan Project

    not sure if this is were this should go mods move please if im mistaken, so i have been amassing a collection of fans for builds and i was wondering can i reuse these ones i would nt consider A Grade (GT's,ML,Noctua,Chromax) and cut the ends of the fan connector and say solder on a battery...
  3. D

    help save my low end H110 motherboard!!!

    (IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THE INTO SKIP TO PARAGRAPH 3 NOW) Ok so heres the deal, just made an account on the [H], have read a lot of threads on here and really consider y'all to be the last line of defense in terms of 'can this be done' or 'what happens id I...' that said ive read a bunch of...