1. M

    Thinking of moving to a custom loop. A few questions.

    TLDR: loop for 2700x and two 1080ti in a thermaltake P3? Radiator size and fans to stay fairly quiet? My current setup: Ryzen 2700X OC'd SLI 2x 1080TI OC'd (one is a EVGA black with 2 fans, and other is a founders) Asus Crosshair VII Hero 16GB ram a few SSD and spinning rust EVGA 1000 G3...
  2. B

    FS: 2 Asus 980gtx Strix video cards

    I have a pair of Asus 980gtx Strix cards these are model: STRIX-GTX980-DC2OC-4GD5 One of the cards as part of the front plate and fan shroud cut off. no clue why. was like that when I got it. Doesn't mess with anything (pictured) Comes with: 1 original Asus box 2x dual 6pin to 8 pin power...
  3. N

    Best case for SLI 1080ti FTW3?

    Looking for input on a new PC case. The GPU thermals on my current setup aren't great due to the shallow height above the GPU's. For reference, the PCIE power cables touch the lid. The bulk of the exhaust from the bottom GPU recirculates into the top GPU. Due to housing changes, I need to...
  4. P

    WTB - Cheap Quadro PCIe

    Hi Everyone! All Found! Thank you! Was helping a friend upgrade some parts on his PC last week and he wanted to see about putting together his old parts to give to a kid on his daughter's robotics team who does not have any computer at home. We pretty much have a complete system, however, I...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    G-Sync Reduces SLI Performance

    Some Nvidia forum posters claim that turning on G-Sync reduced performance when using SLI. The folks over at ExtremeTech grabbed a pair of 1080s to put that theory to the test, and the results were interesting. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, for example, dropped from 49.5 FPS to 44.6 FPS when turning...
  6. dvsman

    PCIE x16 vs x8 still a thing?

    So I'm thinking of consolidating some rigs at my place just to simplify things a bit. Right now I'm debating on either keeping my 1) x99 5930k system with SLI 2x Titan Xp (x16+x16) or 2) maybe swapping in parts from my x470 HTPC 2700x + SLI 2x Titan Xp (x8+x8) Older with more PCIE lanes or...
  7. F

    2x2080ti/9900k build complete!

    (current build on second page) Bare with me on the formatting, please; my house fire destroyed my equipment and I am posting this on my cell phone. Thank you all for your help. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc PC gaming at 4k 60fps+ escape from...
  8. cageymaru

    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 399.24 WHQL Has Been Released

    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 399.24 WHQL has been released and the most important issue that it fixes is the gaming performance exhibited by high core count AMD Ryzen CPUs such as the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX. As many suspected during the AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 2990WX launch, faulty...
  9. dvsman

    Random External graphics idea / question

    Seeing how alot of new moboes and computers are coming with thunderbolt ports, would it be possible to use two separate external enclosures with a GPU in each, to do SLI / XFire (maybe XFire since there's no way to attach the SLI bridge)? I've been debating updating my intel box (was thinking...
  10. B

    Vive Sli?

    Anyone with sli tried Vive in sli? I'd really like to know if sli works.
  11. JesterOI

    WTB socket AM2 motherboard w/ SLI and RAID that can run Athlon II x4 645

    Hopefully not a shot in the dark... I had my ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe stop posting on me, but want to keep the system. An exact replacement would be easiest for me, but just getting it back up and running would be great. Thanks, Geoff
  12. McCHillin

    980 ti SLI scores

    I was wondering what kind of benchmark scores people were getting. I'm posting scores from benchmarks such as FurMark, UserBenchmark, and 3DMark and others that i may not know about. Please post benchmarks to compare :) All scores are from the setup in the sig Sorry if this post isn't...
  13. McCHillin

    MSI Z270 SLI PLUS, is it worth it?

    So i'm thinking of buying the MSI Z270 SLI PLUS. I don't plan to OC as I have a 7700 non K. but i want a board to test SLI/Crossfire. My question is, is this board worth it? Are there better boards for testing SLI for under $120. thank you much.
  14. KnishofDeath

    Project: It's moving and upgrade time for the black and blue hard line build

    Last year I built a black and blue themed hard line 6700k system in the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG edition. I have decided it's time for an upgrade including some larger living quarters (with beefed up cooling) and going SLI. I am also considering a CPU and Mobo upgrade but that hasn't been...
  15. D

    FS: EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX2.0 *two of them*

    Hello H Forum. I have for sale TWO EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX2.0 cards. They are in excellent condition and there is nothing wrong with them. $425 shipped for both. Not looking to do individuals unless really have to. If anybody is local and interested, hit me up. SoCal LA/OC area MY...
  16. Bees

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce Game Ready 382.53 WHQL Drivers

    To coincide with Dirt 4's launch, NVIDIA has released new GeForce drivers to support the title, while improving performance, SLI and 3D profiles for some other notable games. Such titles include Prey, Quake Champions, Gears of War 4, and Heroes of the Storm. With all of the video game news we're...
  17. cageymaru

    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 378.92 - WHQL Released

    Nvidia has released their GeForce Game Ready Driver 378.92 - WHQL. This driver has optimizations for Mass Effect: Andromeda and Rock Band VR. Dolby Vision support for games was added also. Mass Effect: Andromeda received a SLi profile and the SLi profiles for Dead Rising 4 and Deus Ex: Breach...
  18. SonataSys

    Yori: Ryzen 1800X - MSI X370 XPower Titanium - EVGA GTX 1080 TI 4K SLI

    INCEPTION Yori handles demanding 4K digital content using a small form-factor, air-cooled design. The system supports full-stack software development using multiple VM sandboxes, video/photo editing, bulk encoding, 3D rendering, streaming, folding and occasional gaming. The goal is to...
  19. karsten

    Samsung 960 evo, MSI X99A, pny cs1111 480

    Selling some parts 1/29 prices lowered-- PNY CS1111 480gb
  20. 0

    My new build - 2xGTX1070, 2xE5-2660

    Why go mainstream when you can double up? I built my little monster on the "cheap" and wanted to share it with you guys and hear what you think. Components: 2x GTX1070 = $900 2x Xeon E5-2660 = $100 (eBay) 2x Cooler Master Evo 212 = $0 (found them in a junkyard) 8x4GB Micron 1333 ECC = $100...
  21. M

    List of SLI/mGPU enabled VR games

    Hello everyone, As a user with two identical nVidia cards I was getting quite excited seeing that Unreal Engine 4 has enabled the possibility of using SLI for the games based on that engine. Naturally I started looking for games which would support SLI and have found two so far and a third with...
  22. FrgMstr

    Serious Sam VR mGPU AMD RX 480 Follow Up @ [H]

    Serious Sam VR mGPU AMD RX 480 Follow Up - We all know that Virtual Reality gaming is still in its infancy and we have seen lots of great gaming moments already. As the content moves forward so is the way game developers are taking advantage of the technologies available to them to make our VR...
  23. FrgMstr

    GIGABYTE X99 Phoenix SLI Motherboard Review @ [H]

    GIGABYTE X99 Phoenix SLI Motherboard Review - GIGABYTE’s X99 Phoenix SLI is another entry into the G1 Gaming lineup. While there is little to nothing that’s truly unique about the feature set, the combination of features and unique aesthetics are hard to argue with. The X99 Phoenix SLI offers...
  24. P

    EVGA Precision - OSD and Syncing Questions

    I recently purchased 2 GTX 1070s running in SLI. After installing EVGA Precision, I noticed that the OSD font is much larger than before when compared to my other rig running an older version of EVGA Precision. Same applies to the font size in G510 keyboard. I tried changing the font size to...
  25. JCrimson


    SOLD!!! I have 2 Original/ Vanilla EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN SuperClocked (06G-P4-2791-KR) to sell. They are both SuperClocked (06G-P4-2791-KR) versions. One was purchased on 04/02/2014, and the other on 3/28/2013 from EVGA. Both of them have the skyn3t 1006mhz BIOS on them from OCN. (If you...
  26. W

    Video Card Dilemma

    So I have somewhat of a dilemma when it comes to my current gaming setup(s). I have two gamings rigs right now. One will be hooked up to my 4k TV for living room 4k gaming and the other will be in my office for better mouse and keyboard gaming. Really the only games I play on mouse and keyboard...
  27. W

    980ti SLI Performance Issues

    Hey Guys, I just got done updating my rig a little with another 980ti and a new power supply. I upgraded my setup with playing Witcher 3 in 4k in mind. I played it some with 1 980ti settings maxed at 4k and I would get around 30fps. I saw YouTube videos though of people getting 50+ FPS so I...
  28. T

    FS: 2 New Nvidia GTX 970 Video Cards System Pulls GTX970 SLI

    My work just bought two Brand New (not refurb or scratch and dent) Dell XPS8700 systems that had GTX970 cards in them. We just got them in, so I turned them on, let them boot to Windows to make sure everything worked, then shut them down and pulled these cards out. They have literally only been...
  29. The Internal

    No multi-screen or serious VR reviews for the GPU sold as the new multi-monitor King?

    After watching the live NVIDIA 1080 product announcement, because I am a nerd, I was really stoked about the potential the new cards could have for multi-monitor and VR gaming. Heck, a good chunk of thier presentation was pretty much, "Hey nerds, this shit with perspective distortion on multi...
  30. D

    Msi Gtx 970 4g sli setup

    I am selling 2 msi gtx 970 4g in great condition comes with boxes and receipts and one comes with custom backplate also good luck. dual 2x Msi Gtx 970 4g sli setup
  31. babelmh13

    FS: (2) GTX 670 Watercooled SLI, i7-2600k

    Thinking about upgrading my rig so I'm posting my GPUs with waterblocks and backplates along with my i7-2600k. I am willing to listen to offers and might be willing to sell the blocks seperate from the cards for the right price. Send me any reasonable offers. Items: (2) EVGA GTX 670...
  32. Q

    Multi-GPU = 1%?

    Fudzilla report here that under 30M cards were sold last year. I remember from another thread that 300K cards per year are sold in SLI and XF configs. That makes multi-GPU setups about 1%.
  33. FrgMstr

    4 Weeks with NVIDIA TITAN X SLI at 4K Resolution @ [H]

    4 Weeks with NVIDIA TITAN X SLI at 4K Resolution - What do you get when you take two NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X video cards, configure those for SLI, and set those at your feet for four or more weeks? We give our thoughts and opinions about actually using these behemoth GPUs in our system for...