1. D

    Intel announces Skylake Xeon-D 2100 series processors

    Intel announces Xeon-D 2100 series processors Manufacturing Process: Intel’s optimized 14nm process technology featuring Intel’s Mesh Architecture Maximum Core Count Supported: Up to 18 Maximum Base Frequency Supported: up to 2.2 GHz Maximum Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0 Frequency Supported...
  2. M

    Gaming comp upgrade...I7-2700k > ?

    Hello all. I'm finally looking to upgrade my gaming system to a updated CPU and mobo setup. I'm realizing the next era of rendering software and game engines are coming upon us, and after almost half a decade with the sandy bridge cpu i'm noticing this system is starting to show signs of it's...
  3. DooKey

    BoundHook Attack Exploits Intel Skylake MPX Feature

    A post-intrusion technique developed by researchers at CyberArk Labs called BoundHooking allows attackers to exploit a feature in all Intel chips introduced since Skylake. The attack technique allows for the execution of code from any process without detection by antivirus software or other...
  4. J

    HP workstations powered by Skylake Xeon

    Advertised as the most powerful workstation in the planet
  5. FrgMstr

    Intel Core i9 Skylake E Clocks no Higher than Broadwell E.

    Doing my regular round of interneting this morning looking for good news to pass along, cageymaru passed along this tidbit from Guru 3D that I found very interesting. Guru is passing along some of its findings out of Computex about the upcoming Intel Core i9 CPUs. First and foremost, it...
  6. R

    Skylake 6700K and AVX Offset on Z270 Motherboards

    Used the search and didn't see anything, but does anybody know if AVX offset is strictly a Kaby Lake feature or is it available to Skylake users on Z270 motherboards with an appropriate BIOS revision. Thanks
  7. FrgMstr

    3D Print Your Own Kaby Lake DeLid Tool

    This was posted over on the 3D Center Forums. The post points to an "Intel Kaby Lake delid tool" design that can be implemented on a 3D printer. A simple delid tool that for chopping Intel Kabylake and Skylake CPU The author of the design does not have a 3D printer to try it out and test on...
  8. FrgMstr

    Core i7-7700K - Kaby Lake & Corsair RAM Overclocking @ [H]

    Core i7-7700K - Kaby Lake & Corsair RAM Overclocking - We were lucky enough to get our hands on a new set of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600MHz RAM this week and we immediately put it work with the new Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K processor that is to be launched next month.
  9. FrgMstr

    Intel Core i7-7700K CPU Synthetic Benchmark Sneak Peek @ [H]

    Intel Core i7-7700K CPU Synthetic Benchmark Sneak Peek - If you are wondering what Intel's new Core i7- 7700K Kaby Lake processor's performance will look like when it is launched next month at CES, we have a quick preview for you here today. Just some quick and dirty synthetic benchmark...
  10. F

    Gigabyte BRIX Gaming UHD (2016)

    The Gigabyte BRIX Gaming UHD mini-PC barebone is now listed on vendors' sites for preorder and there is more info. At 2.66 litres, I think it must be the smallest machine with a discrete GPU. Size: 110×110 base. 220 mm height. (2.66l) CPU: i7-6700HQ 2.6 (3.5 GHz) GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 950...
  11. V

    Time to Upgrade? Bloomfield to Skylake

    Hello - Looking for some feedback here. I used to be a big gamer up until about 5 or so years ago at which point I put away my water cooled 3.8ghz Bloomfield machine and have been using a PS4 for occasional gaming. With the advent of VR I've had a renewed interest in PC gaming. I was originally...
  12. S

    Best 48mm high or smaller cooler that can cool my i7 6700k?

    I'm planning on building a Mini ITX PC with my i7 6700k in a Dan a4 sfx computer case, which can only fit a 48mm tall cpu cooler. The processor is rated for 135W and I need a good cooler to keep it happy even under extreme heavy load. Any and all suggestions that fit this exceptionally small...
  13. heap

    DDR4 memory selection for z170-based system

    Hello, it's been a while since I built my last computer and now I'm researching a new build. This topic is a question about DDR4 memory selection. So far I have selected the Asus Z170-PRO motherboard and an i7-6700K CPU. I think it's correct (if I'm wrong please let me know) that this bus...
  14. O

    Looking for best, basic, but awesome Asus Mobo

    I'm about to build a new 6700 Skylake system, and it's been a while since I've built a box from scratch. I'm thinking the ASUS Maximus VIII line, but their higher end boards are more than I need. Would anyone mind giving me their thoughts based on my criteria? Most dedicated lanes to support...
  15. V

    Common to have to disable C-State to keep OC'd i7 6700K stable at idle?

    I've done some digging but haven't really come up with a conclusive answer. I decided recently after breaking in my new build to try and OC my processor. Overclocking these Skylake CPUs is a bit different than what I am used to with Ivy Bridge and older. Long story short, on my i7 6700k I...
  16. Q

    Skylake NUC WHEA errors - BIOS fix found

    This may be of interest to some here: Skylake i3 and i5 NUC WHEA Errors - The NUC Blog TLDR: upgrade the BIOS to v42.
  17. FrgMstr

    GIGABYTE Z170X Gaming 6 LGA 1151 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    GIGABYTE Z170X Gaming 6 LGA 1151 Motherboard Review - GIGABYTE is back with its $165 Z170X Gaming 6 motherboard today. It’s a full featured motherboard that won’t break the bank and has a lot to offer. While many enthusiasts need what is considered high end, there are a lot of enthusiasts just...
  18. hamptown42

    FOR SALE - Custom Built 6th Gen i5 Desktop, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD+250GB SSD, GeForce GTX 960 4GB

    Custom Built Gaming Computer! Very fast, especially when booting up. ($1,350) 32 GB ram, 1TB internal Hard Drive + 250GB Samsung SSD Newest 6th Generation SkyLake Intel Core Processor Windows 10 64-bit already comes installed (installed on the SSD for fast boot-up time) Case -NZXT S340 ATX...
  19. T

    Won't boot to Windows 10. Screen goes to sleep after splash screen. Help!!

    So just build rig and here are the specs. -skylake i7 6600 -Asus Maximus VIII HERO Alpha -Kingston 120 SSD -Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM -G.Skill Ripjaws 2x8 gb DDR4 3200 -Asus Strix GTX 980 TI OC version -Corsair H100 GTX -EVGA 1000w PSU Well everything is stock speed. Bios is the latest version from...
  20. FrgMstr

    ASUS Maximus VIII Gene LGA 1151 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    ASUS Maximus VIII Gene LGA 1151 Motherboard Review - ASUS’ Maximus VIII Gene is the latest in a long line of mATX powerhouses from ASUS’ Republic of Gamers brand. This motherboard is poised to offer an amazing feature set, class leading overclocking, and stability in a compact package. We’ve...