1. sharknice

    Meta Codec Avatar Demo/Interview with Zuck

    So basically they did 3D scans of themselves doing all sorts of emotions, then do a "video chat" using Quest Pros connected to PCs to render photo realistic 3D avatars. They've talked about this before but this is the first time they've really shown it off. I'm sure everyone has thought...
  2. cageymaru

    John Carmack Is Leaving Meta

    According to sources at Meta, John Carmack has decided to leave his post due to a lack of efficiency at the company. He implored the company to fill their products with "give a damn!" He has founded a new startup called Keen Technologies that is focused on AI tech. "It pains me to hear...
  3. M

    New Meta Quest VR Headset October 2022 At $1000 projected, it's no wonder they boosted the price on the Quest 2.
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Facebook Parent Company Meta loses record $230B in one day.

    Meta, newly established parent company of Facebook lost $230 Billion in market value yesterday after Facebook reported its first ever decline in Facebook users. This is the largest single day market capitalization loss of any company. The $230B loss, greater in total value than all but the top...
  5. Zarathustra[H]

    Bill Gates predicts our work meetings will move to metaverse in 2-3 years

    This is about three weeks old at this point, but I just came across it, and I figured I'd share in case anyone else missed it. If this happens, I swear I'll quit. I'd rather be unemployed and homeless, living under a bridge than ever work in this environment. The most I want to see in my...