lian li

  1. gameboy3800

    any voodoopc fans in here?

    i forgot i even had a [h]ardforum account lol. does anybody here have any good info on the old voodoopc luxury machines of the early 2000s? ive got a few myself and would like to know more about them but ever since adobe flash died, trying to use wayback machine is extremely hit or miss to find...
  2. kamikazi

    FS: Corsair XR5 240mm Radiator $40 Shipped

    I'm clearing out the old stuff I don't need or use anymore. Payment is by Paypal. My heatware is under kamikazi Corsair Hydro X Series, XR5, 240mm, Water Cooling Radiator, Black $40 Shipped and Insured USPS This is brand new in the box with all screws. I did take it out of the box for mock...
  3. S

    Complete New Lian Li Mini EVGA/ASUS build 10700K, 32GB, 1.5TB, 3060TI FTW, K/M LOCAL DFW SALE ONLY

    Located in DFW LOCAL SALE ONLY WILL NOT SHIP WILL NOT PART Looking for straight up cost here no scalping on the gpu or anything else for that mater. Which was my point in building this one and the other 3 I'm working on. Had this one built for 2 months now I believe it has been with it just...
  4. D

    ITX Case Recommendation

    My secondary rig is as follows: ROG Strix X570-i LPX 3600CL18 Noctua NH-D15S EVGA 3060ti FTW3 (want this to be a RX 6700XT I have) Which brings me to the recommendation part. I have it in a Lian Li TU150. I hate this thing for GPU fitment, I love it for its portability. Anything above...
  5. N

    WTB: Lian Li PC-V750B or PC-V700B, NW Ohio but willing to travel an unreasonable distance

    Title says most, I'm looking to buy a PC-V750B or PC-V700B case. Thought Silverpcs had one, ordered it, then was informed that they did not. Looking for unmodded, minor imprefections are acceptable as I intend to use this case, so I'll probably be guilty of causing some before it's even...
  6. A

    Cases with multiple USB 3.0 cables - How to connect them all?

    Hello, I have the Lian Li PC 011D XL case which comes with (4) USB 3.0 ports on the front panel requiring two USB 3.0 cables to be connected to motherboard headers. My motherboard only has a single USB 3.0 header port. Does such device exist that would allow me to connect both USB3.0 cables up...
  7. K

    Lian Li DK-04 $10K desk build

    I purchased this beast shortly before I did a complete home remodel several months ago. I am now ready to start building this beautiful case. So I'm still in the cooling design phase. I'm going to purchase an Aquaero setup as well as Purchased: 5950X (currently a 5800X but supposedly...
  8. Darkswordz

    My Lian Li Lancool II Has Arrived!

    My pre-ordered Lian Li Lancoll II arrived today! :cool: I thought I'd show some quick pictures for anyone who's interested. I was surprised by how heavy the case is. It feels extremely well-made and very high quality. I'll be moving over my current I7-7820X build from a Jonsbo W2 case into...
  9. G

    FS Lian Li PC-O7s

    I'm selling a decent condition Lian Li PC case. i only want to do local for it (91710). im asking $200obo since its used. this case can be wall mounted, used standing up, or laying down like an htpc.
  10. JosiahBradley

    Finally finished this darn thing. Watercooled Lian Li Dynamic

    [This was my first successful custom water cooling loop, go gentle] So I was finally able to finish my extremely long overdue water cooling loop. I'm sure no one remembers my custom case project by this point, but I basically gave up on it until I decide to get mini itx or some nonsense. So the...
  11. S

    FS/FT: Wireless earphones, Ergotron LX, HGST 2TB/4TB HDD, Lian-Li case, Ducky KB, etc

    For sale/trade: offers welcome! HEAT (6-0-0) I am local to Torrance, CA. PAYPAL, local cash accepted Things I am looking for (I can add $$ on my end): B&W 685 or 686 bookshelf speakers; or other similar bookshelf speakers.. if you are local maybe a pair of towers Dell U2717 cheap, large...
  12. F

    FS: Lian Li Pc-y6 Yacht pc case in black

    Selling a Lian Li Yacht case new in box. Looking to get $300 shipped Link to newegg for details on the case Heatware
  13. M

    FS: Lian Li PC-Q11B Mini-itx case and picoPSU-160-XT + 192W Adapter Power Kit

    **edit price drop** Hello all, I am selling the following: $55 shipped - Used Lian Li PC-Q11B Mini-itx case - Pics Case Documentation Accessories in little box like a USB 3.0 adapter $55 shipped - Used picoPSU-160-XT + 192W Adapter Power Kit - Pics picoPSU-160-XT 192W Adapter ATX psu...
  14. Z

    FS:AT&T S6 Edge, i7 980x, EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX, Lian Li PC-X2000F, Corsair RM450

    Everything is negotiable, make me a reasonable offer. I accept Paypal, Google Wallet, and Amazon Payments. Included shipping is to the continental US only. You can find my Heatware HERE. S6 Edge 32GB - AT&T - $340 shipped The phone has been in a case with a screen protector since day 1, and...