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    i7-8700K vs i5-8600K vs i5-8400 vs R5-1600

    Which would you get? The price difference between a build with 8700K and a 8600K is R$414.31($127.48), 8700K and 8400 is R$812.24($249.92) and 8700K to 1600 is R$1104.99($339.99). The Ryzen one seems to offer a lot for its price, but, considereing that a game lasts about 2/3 years to develop, we...
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    8600k Delidded OC to 5.0ghz not stable?

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forums! I have gotten my 8600k delidded from silicon lottery and they did a great job. I managed to get it to 4.9ghz clock with 4.3cache but at a 1.385v with temps going to 62c. Whenever i try pushing it to 5.0ghz even at 1.4v, it crashes at prime95 shortly after...
  3. FrgMstr

    Overclocking the Intel 8600K - Delidded on Air and Water @ [H]

    Overclocking the Intel 8600K - Delidded on Air and Water We've gotten to spend some quality time with our Intel Core i5-8600K Coffee Lake CPU, and of course we have spent our time finding out just how far we could push the processor's clock under both Air Cooling and Water Cooling. We relid and...
  4. FrgMstr

    Delidding the Intel Core-i5 8600K

  5. FrgMstr

    Intel Core i5-8600K Overclock at 5.2GHz with 3600MHz RAM

    So, now that I have gotten a little sleep, we are back at the test bench this afternoon trying to figure out what we are going to have to do in order to get this 8600K to 5.2GHz without having to delid. And I am fairly sure we are going to delid anyway. Check out the pic.
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    Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8600K vs 7600K at 5GHz Review @ [H]

    Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8600K vs 7600K at 5GHz Review If you were waiting for huge IPC gains out of the new Coffee Lake CPU from Intel, you might be waiting for a very long time. We take the Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8600K CPU and match it up GHz to GHz with the Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake...
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    Coffee Lake CPU Lurking Below

    Below that shiny new XSPC RayStorm Pro waterblock, and sandwiched between that Corsair Vengeance and Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming branding (shameless sponsor pimping), is the Intel Core i5-8600K, Coffee Lake CPU. I have had to be out of the office a lot for the last couple of weeks, so I am...
  8. FrgMstr

    Intel 8700K and 8600K Coffee Lake Reviewed at Lab501

    A Romanian site, LAB501, has posted its full review of Intel's new Coffee Lake processors in the form of the Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8600K. Translated link here, but the site is very slow to load. Overclocking took it to an "easy" 5.1GHz, however I would expect some very high temperatures...