i7-8700K vs i5-8600K vs i5-8400 vs R5-1600

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    Which would you get?
    The price difference between a build with 8700K and a 8600K is R$414.31($127.48), 8700K and 8400 is R$812.24($249.92) and 8700K to 1600 is R$1104.99($339.99).
    The Ryzen one seems to offer a lot for its price, but, considereing that a game lasts about 2/3 years to develop, we would see Ryzen's real results (utilizing all of the 12 threads) in about a year or two. The 8700K looks like the most solid one, but also very expensive. And the i5s look like the most balanced ones for today's market, being the 8600K a solid 8700K competitor if we consider price-performance.
    This build is just for gaming, no streaming or working. Since I don't have a 144hz 1440p monitor yet, let's say I wanna play on 1080p(where the processor is most stressed) with high frame rates, being ahead of the necessary hardware. And before I forget, any build will contain a GTX 1080, and same specs, CPU's the only different part.
    *All these values look very expensive because I had convert Brazil's currency (R$) to US Dolars, so these values have included taxes, such as inflation and customs duties.
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    If it's primarily for gaming, I'd get the 8600K.

    If you don't plan to overclock, just get the 8400. You'll save $60 and the turbo frequency at full 6 core load is only 300mhz slower.... 33% less money and only an 8% percent loss etc.
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