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    Walking Makes You Smarter

    Steve's just jealous because Stephen gets all the ladies with his smooth talking.
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    Steve Jobs Reintroducing Apple Computers

    Aesthetics matter in this world. That's why we like hot women/men, because we care about the outer appearance. So despite all the hating I do on Apple, at least they are very much in tune with their consumer base. You buy into the Apple culture every time you buy an Apple product.
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    Meet The Modern Warfare 2 Pacifist

    I also heard a while back that this guy had a pair but apparently that isn't true.
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    US Students Not So Worldly Wise

    Good to see data backs up what I've known all along. Kids these days are dumb.
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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

    Thanks for the great advice guys. I think I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for deals on either the Intel or the Agility. Shame on me for not knowing about the Fry's deal on the Intel two weeks back :(.
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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

    There's also the 32GB Corsair Nova that I found for 80. How would that compare to the Onyx?
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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

    Cool I've give both of those a look. Any big advantage of the X-25V over the Onyx? How are these drives in terms of usable capacity (after formatting and stuff)?
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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

    Shopping for an SSD to throw into the laptop. Capacity isn't a big issue since it's not going to hold any files other than spreadsheets, pdfs, and docs along with a few programs. I figure at that price range I'm looking at 32-60GB. All SSD's seem similar to me though so I'm having a tough time...
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    Recommend me an SSD for <$120

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    DIY 13.4" Carbon Fiber Touchscreen Tablet PC

    HOW DID YOU KNOW??!!? I use a sausage to write on my iPhone and the cops haven't caught me...yet. I find this project to be totally awesome. It was most likely a transfer of an existing tablet into a new slate casing but great job nonetheless getting the fit and finish to look good. The lack...
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    Foxconn Workers Killing Themselves For Money

    Given that the average Chinese family doesn't exactly have an excess number of children per family and the generally family-centric culture, I highly doubt any family would see the death of a family member positively. Definitely not the death of children.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    kerplunk! this is a good way to get me to spend more money on other stuffs.
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    MPAA Worries About Pirating U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

    I know it's a terrible thing to wish upon anyone but I want to see the MPAA open lawsuits against some of these troops just so this issue gets some real mainstream news attention.
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    Pay $5 To Upgrade an Old DVD to Blu-ray?

    +1 to WB for this move. Good way to generate extra revenue and push more people to blu-ray.
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    Tactile Gaming Vest

    +2, "head"shot!