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    1. {NG}Fidel
      Thanks again for the 580 fix
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    2. davigotardo
      I have the following problem in two vgas:
      The fans do not spin, I already tried to remove and clean and it does not work, regardless of the temperature of the vga, it happened in two vgas that I have here.
      I already opened 2 tickets and they did not work, I need to run the rma.
      Ticket: T1708020015 and T1708020014
    3. DaemonKaizen
      Does XFX honor their 5 year warranty here in ASIA, Philippines.
      While gaming the display turned off then I smelt something burnt. It's coming from the 2x PCI-E leads (XFX PRO750w Core Ed)
      The Product registration page refuses to accept the serial #
      I can send you a link for the photo of my PSU and it's Box with the Serial code on it. Along with the Receipt that I bought the unit from a local retailer on July 5, 2013
      1. XFXSupport
        Hello, We're sorry you are having trouble. Unfortunately, i dont manage the ASIA region, but its worth a try. What is the serial # and part #? ill take a look. email us at mark@xfxforce.com
        Aug 15, 2017
    4. pet007
      XFX Radeon 7850 GHOST thermal Fan-
      Are you still able to help with a replacement fan for the xfx radeon 7850 or radeon 7800 series.
      The fan seizes and when it does work it sounds like a lawnmower. I think the bearing is gone in them.
      Your help would be appreciated
      Saw your comments in the ad below:
      1. XFXSupport
        definitely want to use xfxsupport.com for parts request. We still do them for this model, but they're extremely rare. If its out of warranty, you made need to get a 3rd party cooler like an Artic Accelero L2 Plus
        Jun 16, 2017
    5. Eagle923
    6. pegarrett
      When navigating the XFX RMA process, what does "Rej Qty:" mean?

      My RMA number is XNAR90290.

      I downloaded the test report and it says my card was tested yesterday and it appears that it was found to be faulty.

      Not knowing how this process works is stressful. My 270X is an unimpressive card, but its my unimpressive card and I miss it.
    7. mishima25
      Hello, my RMA was delivered yesterday on Wednesday and looking at the XFX site it says "Rej Qty 1" when looking up the RMA ticket. Does that mean its been rejected? The GPU has a broken fan that falls out. My RMA number is XNAR90004. Please give me an update on the situation. Thank you.
    8. mathew motherby
      mathew motherby
      hi, i'm having a fan issue on my xfx r7850 card .Is there any chance of getting a new fan for it ?
    9. CrypticDarkness
      Hi! I'm liquid cooling my GPU using either the NZXT Kraken G10 bracket, or the Corsair HG10 A1 bracket. Do you happen to know if the HG10 fits on the XFX R9 290 DD edition? Corsair says the HG10 fits on the Black Edition, but I don't have any good information regarding fitting on the NON-black edition double dissipation R9 290.
    10. ExoKuzo
      HI i just saw and 7 months old post on reddit regarding what to do in case of no actual contact with xfx support...
      If i can still find help in your persona please let me know ill be awaiting response
      1. XFXSupport
        lol which post? did you make a ticket at xfxsupport.com? pm me your ticket # and ill take a look
        Apr 19, 2016
    11. lexarflash
      I need to RMA an XFX 290x Double Dissipation graphics card, having trouble using XFXSupport.com, with serial, can you advise?
    12. justinope
      Hey, I sent you a PM about not receiving a personal activation code in the box of my r9 390
    13. mauro449
      Hi there we spoke a few days ago regarding my cards rma I just received a message saying that they weren't able to find any issues with the card that doesn't seem right to me because I was able to replicate this issue with two different systems. The card that I have now has been running all week with no issues. I can't reply to my ticket either because I get this

      errorDescription: ASP.NET has detected data in the request that is potentially dangerous because it might include HTML markup or script. The data might represent an attempt to compromise the security of your application.

      Any help?
    14. ahsbqt
      Hi pal, the RMA that you help me now says completed, i asume its being shipped back this week?, the rma number is XNAQ60277
    15. ahsbqt
      Thanks, i'll appreciate it.
    16. ahsbqt
      Hi XFXSupport, i send an RMA but says inbound on status and was delivered on 08/31/2015 by dhl tracking number 3218638290, the rma case number is XNAQ60277, it was send from Venezuela but the return address is in USA. Can you check it?, thanks for your help
    17. phrostbyte
      hi XFXsupport, can you help me out? I Can't find free games from Best Buy XFX AMD Radeon 260x
      So yeah, I bought one of these and have all the codes and everything.. and I tried registering my card on xfxsupport.com and I get this error message there.

      Your product is not eligible for any XFX game promotion at the moment. Please check with the place of purchase for promotions provided directly from AMD.

      But everything says that I'm supposed to go through XFX. Best Buy told me as well. I submitted a support ticket and hopefully they'll get back to me soon. Am I doing something wrong? I'm supposed to get 3 free games for this card.

    18. danimalman
      Hey XFXSupport,
      I bought a Radeon R9 270X at best buy 2-3 weeks ago and I am still confused how I get my free games as advertised on the box. My Personal Activation Code on xfxsupport.com says "Your product is not eligible for any XFX game promotion at the moment. Please check with the place of purchase for promotions provided directly from AMD." I went to Best Buy and they didn't have any codes. I've checked my email also, but no codes. I've contacted AMD and XFX and no one has a clue. I've registered my products on both websites already. I can't get a redemption code because it says I'm not eligible. I've had multiple customer support representatives tell me that I get different things. One said I get the game dirt rally, one said battlefield 4, but on the box it says ruby rewards worth 4 games. This promotion is really unorganized. Please help.
    19. 455olds
      Thanks for help.
    20. broddy
      Hello, I need help with my graphic card, it was having shutters and causes computer to crash..i checked everything including reinstalled windows/driver twice...no go.. Im running an old 5750 right now with my computer without problem... Can you please help me with RMA, i have a ticket open but the rep stopped responding after asking me a few questions since 8/12. Thanks

      Edit..this is the thread

      Edit No.2... this is the ticket number T1508110024
    21. {NG}Fidel
      My RMA is failing and Its been way to early.
      I do not know whats going on but It artifacts horribly when I play ESO and even managed to do so after a reboot and DDUing the drivers and installing the latest from AMDs site.
    22. dn7309
      I'm in the same situation from the OP where I purchased a new 290X from a forum member and end up registering the card myself. I got his original receipt as well as my paypal receipt that I used to buy from him. Will XFX honor my warranty?

    23. primetime
    24. Monte2
      I apologize for this message, but I am at a lost to whom else to contact about this. Almost 7 weeks ago I sent in my 260 Gold reward from a Best buy R7 260X. My promotion status is still “processing”.
      Is there anything I can do to expedite the process? Or could you direct me to an email address that could help. I can provide any addition information if needed.
      I thank you for your time,
    25. {NG}Fidel
      Thanks for the support, happily waiting for my RMA to come in the mail.
    26. serzhanja

      I bought an XFX R7-265A-CNF4 card on December 22, 2014 and received it on Jan 16, 2015. Every marking on the box and stickers indicated that this is a CNF4 variant, but the box stated that it has Ghost Thermar 1.0 cooler. I searched xfx website and found, that this 1.0 cooling is on CNJ4 models.

      I open up an antistatic bag and see a card with stickers of CNF4 and a cooling solution from CNJ4 - the Ghost thermal 1.0, not 2.0.

      Hoe is that possible? Serial number indicates that this is a CNF4, which I did pay for, but instead I got a CNJ4 model.

      How can we solve this problem? It's a pretty unique case.
      Is it possible to receive a ghost 2.0 cooler from you and install it manually? I don't really care about warranty support.

      Best regards,
      Dr. Sergejs Babikovs
    27. JungaBoon
      Hi, I bought an r9 270x from Best Buy and it said it was eligible for the Radeon Rewards program. I apparently need a Personal Activation Code to redeem the reward, but I can't seem to find any code like that on the box or on any cards inside. Others have said that they found theirs in a door hanger or a warranty card inside the box, but my gpu didn't come with either. Thanks for your time.
    28. Trakinasx
      Hello, I bought a graphic card yesterday and got a warranty card with a redeem code, but I think the personal activation code is shorter than it is supposed to be. Can you help me with this problem? Thnk you
    29. rsantos
      Hi, I recently bought a R9 270, and I`m getting the same message (Sorry, your product is not subject to XFX game promotion.) when I try to redeem my code at XFX support site. I wonder you can help me too.

      Thanks in advance.
    30. Snoius
    31. jerpettigrew
      I saw in a thread here that you are able to help with xfx video cards purchased from tigerdirect that did not come with a game offer code. I purchased an r9 290x recently and TG insists that the game voucher is to come from you, not them. Could you help me?

      Awesome card! I can run Tomb Raider at ultimate settings at 60 fps vsync. Cool as can be!

      Thanks, I really appreciate it.
    32. Ataru1504
      Hi I have an opent ticket for RMA on a faulty r9 290 seven days ago, but Havent received any answer at all by now. Can you PLEASE have a look at it, my ticket number is: #T1312190025

      Thanks a lot in advance!!


      Let me know ASAP

    33. lostinms
      Hi I was trying to RMA my video card but I ran into a snag. The one y'all r showing is my old card that I RMA several years ago. I asked this question on the support ticket after I received a RMA number but y'all response take way longer than it should. I haven't sent the card yet cause I am waiting on a reply from yall and I really don't have the money to waste on shipping the card for it to get turned down. Ticket # T1404130026
    34. karsten
      Hi, I am trying to get an answer to this, I bought a new in box R9 280X (XFX) from a 3rd party and am looking to register it. It has not been registered yet. On the XFXforce.com website for sale date and location do I use the original information from when the original owner bought it? can you PM me? thanks
    35. ndndr
      Card was dead on arrival ticket no T131228005, can you please replace it for me ?

    36. worth97

      I'm a customer from Brazil and thursday (07/04/13) I opened an Ticket in XFX Support site about my video card (HD 6870) that suddenly died. Defect of (NO Display Bios/Post) and need a RMA. The problem is that five days as passed and no response to my ticket yet.

      Please take a look on my ticket. No:T1307040030

      Thanks in advance
    37. eric4272
      hi sorry to bother you again i need a little help ok monday xfx said they would honor lifetime warranty but get msg from helpdesk tuesday they say Hello, Do you have the original receipt? i can confirm your lifetime warranty with a proof of purchase.Account restoration is completed. anyone who didnt get it restored is being asked to re-register, and we will manually lookup accounts in the old system as needed. Thank you. but he never told me where to send receipt i need to make sure am still have lifetime warranty tick number is T1306290034 thank you .
    38. eric4272
      hi sorry to bother you but when i tried to log in today at http://xfxforce.com/en-us/home.aspx my account was gone i made a new one but when i first got my video card i register almost the same day but its not on there anymore so am worried about the lifetime warranty can you help.
    39. Ivanhoe255
      Hi there,

      I sent off my 7970 card this week, and should be there by tomorrow sometime.

      In the meanwhile, I had to go buy an interim card @ Fry's since I do not have built in video in my MB. Any ideas on about how long it may take to get the card back from service? Just curious if there was like an average timeline.

      Thanks again,
    40. ukickmydog

      I recently sent in a support ticket about my XFX 7870. I turned on my PC one day and a really loud whining sound came from my case. There was also no video output on the screen, despite audible sounds from Windows 7 that showed that the computer was logging in, etc.

      Long story short, after rearranging everything in my PC case to see what worked, I narrowed it down to the card (used different cables, monitors, everything)

      When using an AMD 6970, there were zero problems and the computer ran fine, despite that card running at a higher voltage (so the PSU can also be ruled out).

      Just want to know what to do. I appreciate you taking the time and I look forward to hearing back!

      Thank you!!!!

      Ticket #: T1305240048
      Product: FX-787A-CNFC
      Serial: NYH003489
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