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    outlook blocked an attachment

    Google is your friend:
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    Core 2 Duo Benchmarked *real world

    When he is getting a delta 12% on those high settings in Fear @16x12x4x8, it's showing you just how effective a CPU the Conroe is. Scalling is all nice and good but the fact that there is that much room on a 7800 SLI rig is amazing to say the least. Nevermind the processor price difference.
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    WoW having server issues...

    Link updated for alternate download though Blizzard's downloads seem to be working fine. Bunch of servers are still offline, check announcement page on the logon screen.
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    WoW having server issues...

    I am uploading the patch to When it's ready to serve I'll post the linkage. 150+MB version 1.10 to 1.11.
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    You thought Quad SLI was impressive,well then look here.

    Ok, then please show me on this picture where there's a YELLOW connector by the PCIe slot... Waiting...(hint: on the Gigabyte board we are talking about it's RED)
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    Most annoying and cheapest FPS weapon/tactic ?

    LOL, used to love that...Definition of pwned :)
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    WoW having server issues...

    PSA, WoW servers since update are BONKERS. I figure we will be getting free day out of it. Once again Blizzard dropping the ball on patch day :)
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    You thought Quad SLI was impressive,well then look here.

    That's all nice and good, nowever the picture above is NOT that board :) Check the yellow PCIe slots, as I pointed out earlier vs the "teal" slots on the QuadRoyal.
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    Most annoying and cheapest FPS weapon/tactic ?

    nade spamming in BF series, second that...
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    You thought Quad SLI was impressive,well then look here.

    Ummm, is it me or does that image scream BS....Check out the PCIe slots, you can see two of them, yellow, but not the ones that are on the bridged cards...i.e. two cards are plugged in and two cards are standing upright just because of the bridging connectors? ???
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    Sub 150 watercooling system?

    Great advice, however I will have to disagree on one point. I got started with a Koolance Exos and do my own thing now, however the Exos gave me first hand ideas and "guidance" of getting some basics out of the way. Well worth it. I have a Nautilus 500 on my "budget" system, the P805D in my...
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    oblivion question

    SPOILER One bit to add. The Azura's Star is the ultimate soul gem. DON'T give it up in the main quest. You can just get another Daedric artifact to give up, which I strongly suggest. Azura's Star when you're closing Oblivion Gates and trapping creatures in...
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    Looking for a firewall

    You can actually download the trial ISA 2006 beta right now.