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    Good Buy?

    not bad. not the best ive seen recently, but pretty good
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    OC - A scheme from computer makers to make more $ from you?

    ok, thanks for the all the replys. some of you guys gave pretty good answers, while some wasn't too nice. i am not trying to start anything, i am genuinely interested in knowing if it is truly worth the extra money and effort to OC. for some of you guys whom don't seem to get my car analogy -...
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    OC - A scheme from computer makers to make more $ from you?

    it used to be overclocking was for those few hardcore computer enthusiasts to tinker with just to see what can be done with their gear. but now, its just all the craze. and why? if your hardware were designed to run at a certain speed, why the need to push it harder? does it give that much of...
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    HD 4850 Overclocked Vs 9800GTX+

    ati struck back at nvidia pretty good this round. i'm glad they did. we all came out winners. all in all, i would rather go with nvidia for the midrange, but ati for the high end cards. the main reason is heat. my case is small. my room is hot. i do not overclock. steady speed limit for me...
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    32" for $400

    maybe used, and definitely not great. 720p, forget 1080, unless its i. add another $200 and you can get cheapest i seen 32" 1080p that is not on special clearance open box, just buy me to make room type...
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    Best bang for your buck gaming resolution?

    32" lcd right in your face is pretty immersing. so much so that i feel dizzy after an hour or so in cod4. but for something that would fit on a small computer desk, its 22" and a 8800gt. you can get both for less than $300.
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    game differences PC vs Console

    don't play those 2 games. but i can tell you that every single game i have played on both console and pc, the pc looks better every time.
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    What speakers to buy?

    speakers are the most important components in your music or theatre system. i would do very careful research if i were you. everyone have their own discriminate tastes and it can greatly vary. as for myself, i like these...
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    need guesstimates!

    thats a nice projector. you know how much lamp life you have and how much they are to buy?
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    Because of you guys...

    merlin, cuz of you, i'm gonna buy a new car... i had a 1972 vw beetle. think i'm gonna get a 2008 ferrari f430 scuderia
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    Which Is Better A 8800GT Or A 3870

    nah, the 3870 is much faster to be obsolete than the 8800gt. i would be faster to sell my 3870 than my 8800gt. actually, the price on the 3870 dropped faster than the 8800gt. :p
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    Need everyone to contribute here

    the art do seem interesting. but don't use too many colors, as it tend to distract the eye. make the background art in black and white, or some type of muted and subdued color scheme, and then make the graph lines the basic colors.
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    Difference between z-5500 and higher end speakers?

    3 popular brands for computer surround speakers, in order of worst to least-worse: logitech, creative, klipsch. logitech is readily available, cheap to find, and it comes with a built-in decoder. ok system if you are lazy and just want to keep it simple. however, it does have significant...
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    Microsoft loves 360 owners

    my, what a lively discussion. but hey, its a lively subject. i think its cool you don't care about paying for updates, i can live with that. its just that most people do care, and they are really just speaking for themselves. i think its right they should. imagine microsoft charges you for...
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    New PS3 80 gig - HELP!

    lol. but, ps3 > 360 lesser games (for the moment) + function > better games (that you can't play all anyway)