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    [ASUS] ASUS ROG Experience Tour Overclocking Competition

    ***Update to the contest!*** Original Source Benching time!!! :)
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    ASUS Nvidia GTX 480 IHS removal the naked GPU

    Original Source:
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    Overclockaholics at ASUS 3X3 Extreme OC Summit! Rampage III & Maximus III Launch

    Release event for the ASUS Maximus III Extreme and ASUS Rampage III Extreme! Overclockaholics, Team Pure, Team XS will be facing off at this event 3 Teams of 3 (9 people total) will attempt to reach the highest scores in seven benchmarks. They may divide up their allotment of assigned...
  4. V 3dMark 2001 Low Clock Overclocking Contest

    low clock means there are limits on CPU speed and frame rates in the GPU benchmark, this allows everyone to compete on a fair playing field. you wont need the best/most expensive hardware and liquid nitrogen cooling to win this competition!
  5. V 3dMark 2001 Low Clock Overclocking Contest

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know there is a low clock contest going on right now Kingpin has LN2 CPU and GPU Pots up for prizes!!! CPU F1EE pots and GPU Tek-9 5.0 pots!!! Here is the contest as quoted from like to the official contest thread...
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    Intel BoneTrail X38 Motherboard *Pictures*

    Aside from the 8GHz Project we have been hard at work playing with a few other things, Just wanted to give everyone a look at whats comming up in the world of Intel Motherboards. As soon as we can we will get some X38 benchmarks up. Right now we are looking for a nice set of Crossfire...
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    The 8GHZ Project U.S.A.

    8GHz Project on and Overclocking Wiki Overclocking Wiki is Digging our 8GHz project, with a little support it could front page :) Digg it here
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    DIY Phase Water Chiller

    My first Refrigeration System! (Back in 2004) The other day I found the Pictures of my first Refrigeration system, and I decided to post them to help others out there get involved with extreme cooling and overclocking. Way back when I was just starting to play with refrigeration systems my...
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    The 8GHZ Project U.S.A.

    Things have been rather slow, and we wish to assure you we will not give up! we have been working on finding a few new Procs to test (only got my college fund to help me with this :P) Revising our LN2 container and building a few phase cooling systems :D here is a look at the quad core...
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    The 8GHZ Project U.S.A.

    Our experience with ES chips leads me to believe that the IHS mounting process isn't perfected until around the production of the Retail chip. If your lucky the thermal resistance on your ES should not be as bad as ours. As this is the worst case we have come across to date. with a stock...
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    The 8GHZ Project U.S.A.

    We here in Team NexGen are at NexGen Consulting trying to break the world record right now, with (hopefully) a bit of help from koolance, and some LN2 or LHe4. We have a P5B deluxe, 631 cedarmill (ES), and 2 X 512MB Micron D9GKX Memory modules. So far we have hit 5.5ghz no problem but beyond...
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    ASUS OC Quality

    Those temps are too high. 30-40C on cpu is a good # to shoot for and the NB should be atleast 8C colder
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    Team NexGen

    He has a MountainMods U2-UFO Opti-1203 W/ Original Top They are damn nice cases W/ lots of room to work with making wire manage ment a breeze :)
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    Finally Mobo V-Reg Water Blocks, and Quad 1/4 tubing

    To think, I actually cut the heat piping on my mobo last week! :P 1/2 or 3/8 to Quad 1/4 Tubing Splitter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally from...
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    Team NexGen

    LOL :) well i decided to make a case for my prometeia and WC that attaches to the bottem of my cube. got the build finished last night and ill have the work log posted soon.