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    Mario Maker. Probably the greatest thing to happen to gaming in a long time.

    i wonder if they increased the level size. it seemed a little small on the old videos but either way, i am definitely getting it
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    Nintendo Amiibo Collectors Thread

    I got them all right now. My dedede is creased and gamestop cancelled my extras so I need to replace it with a better one. I been in it since day 1 so I haven't missed any.
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    Metro: Last Light - Advanced PhysX sucks!

    Physx looks neat but the problem is, there isn't enough value there for what you get. It is better to just buy a more powerful AMD card instead of getting a lower end geforce w/physx
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    Sharks Try To Eat Google's Underwater Cables

    Sharks bite things even if they dont know what it is. Usually how humans get bit.
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    New rumor today: nintendo going to be releasing one game a month in 2015 and a big name remaster is coming.
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    Activision Notes Industry-Wide Downturn In Pre-Orders

    Pre-ordering is dumb and I hope the masses are finally starting to catch on.
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    Team Fortress on Steam is pretty fun

    TFC was great. TF2...not so much
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    Resident Evil 1 HD Remake

    a remake of a remake....why not do RE2 or RE3. come on capcom
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    All 5 Free PC gamer games available again
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    Free Gun Monkeys Steam Keys - PC Gamer Week 4

    its broken right now. it broke last time too. just keep waiting
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    Humble 2K Bundle

    I caved on the the $8.15. mostly for bioshocks and spec ops. Dont think i will even play the xcoms.
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel behind the scenes footage.

    not liking the whole jump pads thing
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    Charlie Sinhaseni - The Sims 4 Scandal

    This bothers me none. Thats how the world works
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    Free Dino D-Day Steam Keys - PC Gamer Week 2

    its pretty easy to just unlike the page after you get your key. not really a big deal
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    nintendo has no plans to kill the wii u right now "Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime is not one of those people. In a recent interview with Kotaku, Reggie said that the Wii U “has a very long life ahead if it”, and added that there is great content coming to the console that will “help define the...