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    Age of Empires III Complete Collection $0.10

    Aw snap, can't believe I missed this :I
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    Steam Deals! (Jun 24 2010)

    Only got L4D2 and Civ IV Complete. Some deals were good, but most of the stuff that I wanted I already had it or was expecting lower prices, and I can wait on those. Didn't feel quite as great as last huge sales, but I suppose that's better for me, so I don't spend that much money!
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    Direct2Drive Cyber Monday Special - Mass Effect $5!

    I thought it was really underwhelming :/ (the deal, I mean, after they hyped it a bit).
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    Plants vs. Zombies $5 on Steam

    Got it :D Hoping it's as much fun as Peggle was!
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    Impulse weekend deal: Demigod for $15

    Pretty tempting! 15 for the download, 20 for the download and the boxed release. They are also selling Tropic reloaded for $7.49, but meh.
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    Steam Weekend Deal(s)

    Got the Overlord pack. Not gonna get Crysis though, not really interested.
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    D2D Best of Indie Bundle vol. 2

    No, you buy the games and they are added to your account, like with Steam, so if you buy the pack, you get everything just for you.
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    Which PC games are you playing the most these days?

    Torchlight, MEVO and the Grooveriders and Penumbra: Overture :P
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    Recommend a game with a fun/funny story.

    I'm a bit surprised no one has mentioned Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please, both incredibly fun (and funny) point and click games that will basically run on any compute. You can download the first one from Zombie Cow Studios homepage for free, or get both of them for $5 on Steam...
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    Painkiller: Resurrection Reviews - Crapped out a big smelly turd this time...

    No wonder the pre-sale included both the Black Edition and Overdose for free. I was even tempted to get it. Well, good thing I didn't!
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    D2D Best of Indie Bundle vol. 2

    Well, I found this to be quite a nice deal: 25 bucks for 7 games, included Project Aftermath, Aquaria, And Yet It Moves, Acceleration of Suguri, Aaaaa!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity and Crayon Physics...
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    Earthworm jim 1/2/3D on steam $20 : thoughts

    This is not really a good deal :/ GOG has these for much less, 1+2 for 5.99 and 3D for 5.99.
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    Why is steam so busted lately.

    Haven't had any kind of problems with Steam on XP, but I keep up to date with the updates. I suppose the amount of client updates have been because of the recent Steamworks games. Hmm.
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    Steam weekend deal: Mass Effect $9.99

    Quite a good deal. I'd buy it if I didn't have it on the 360 :o Wonder if they'll put up some more items on sale for this weekend, like they did last weekend. Hmmm.
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    How Many Games Do You Have Installed?

    Just a bunch of games: Audiosurf Civilization III Mevo and the Grooveriders Morrowind GOTY Outrun 2006 SP Penumbra: Overture Star Wars: Dark Forces Torchlight I don't keep the games in my machine, that's why I get most of my games from digital retailers :D