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    WD Red drives?

    Can these be used in a non nas? The greens have a poor warranty and there are no 3TB Blacks.
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    So, I need 24 TB of storage...

    Just make sure you do have a backup at all times and that the delta between backup and production is an acceptable loss. raid 5 cannot really support 15TB upon a rebuild.
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    Help finding site

    Some time ago I found a great site which went over all the different offerings of each psu seller. It told you the oem of the specific power supplies as well as all possible reviews on the side of each unit. It was a really great site and I just can't find it. Can anybody help?
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    Hitachi RMA under WD

    Has anybody done an RMA recently with Hitachi? I am interested how it went considering WD now owns them and is selling off the 3.5" segment
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    How reliable ate 3TB and 4TB drives these days?

    I ask because enwegg reviews seem to be abismal but that could only be a disgruntled subset of the ownerbase. What have your wexperience been?
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    Z77 Sabertooth Owners, any chance of lower temos with removed thermal guard?

    I have been using their thermal tool to track my temps. The top half of my board remains cool in the 20/30C. The bottom half though is almost always in the higher 40's celsius. I am wondering if the plastic protector is locking in the hear and if anybody has any experience with lower...
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    Amazon or Newegg for new mobo?

    Newegg will send you a new mobo with bent pins and then blame it on you.
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I had the same problem with a gigabyte ud5h board. returned it. still no fix. Som Asrock's have the issue too
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    So far what seems to be the most stable and least problamatic asus z77 board?
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    Does intel create their own mobo's?

    What was so bad about MSI?
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    EVGA Z77 FTW or Asus Maximus V Formula

    Asus has absolutly awful support. EVGA on the other hand has some very good words said about their support all around.
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    Does intel create their own mobo's?

    It seems the top of the line Gigabyte and Asrock boards all suffer from random freezing issues when used with ivy bridge. Just on the from page here Asus has good looking boards but are super expensive for what you get and their support is awful...
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    Does intel create their own mobo's?

    I am considering one of their Z77 boards because everybody eleses offerings look so grim.
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    Does intel create their own mobo's?

    I know Foxconn like many other companies functions as a manufactuer of other companies products which is fine. I am more looking for are the products actually designed by Intel. For example HP calculators, once an amazing product are now handled completely out of house and just branded HP...
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    Does intel create their own mobo's?

    Does Intel make their own motherboards or are they contracted out to another company? I ask because the top of the line z77 intel looks almost exactly like the top of the line MSI