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    New BenQ XL2411T 120hz 1ms

    Much nicer how?
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    G9x can't track on 9HD

    I reccomend the Artisan Shiden. It tracks flawelessly with the g9x.
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    Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live

    I seriously doubt this mentally disabled kid was cheating. Autistic people can be amazingly talented in a very niche way and are blatantly retarded in everything else. It's funny seeing so many people jumping the gun thinking that he was likely intelligent enough to find cheats and install them...
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    "Unreal Tournament Tribute" Case Mod

    UT3... no comment.
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    If you don't play PC games, what does laser mouse gain over infrared mouse?

    Some are like the blind leading the blind. It does not matter optical or laser, what matters is the sensor model itself and how good the firmware is of the particular mouse in question. That's what you should be most concerned about. First gen laser sensors sucked, nowadays most are good if...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Just a snapshot of my mouse collection. Not shown is my old g5 (gave to my dad) and my old MX700 wireless mouse.
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    Looking for a compact keyboard

    They are, with the caveat that the eject key will not work on a PC and you need to run a driver to correctly confirgure the Alt and Windows keys. I would look into the Matias Tactilepro mechanical keyboard which uses the patented ALPS key-switches with a legendary feel that many hardcore...
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    Follow up to G9x?

    I'm not really understanding what you're saying here and I own a G9x. "Also as a design change if you look at most right click buttons on mice they are angle more than the left mouse" Angle more? Relative to what plane? I don't even see how this makes a difference with the switching...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    They're industry standard for many airports around the world because of their reliability. They also use a different patented key-switch different than any other keyboard which also give them a different feel (different weight resistence at different depths on the keystroke), which may give a...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Agreed. *ahem* Razer Mantis Speed 4 life. (nothing compares to fibertek) =] Uploaded with
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    Looking for a new mouse, Razer Abyssus worth while?

    I've got the Coolermaster Battlepad CS-X DP2 and the Abyssus jitters on it. Jitters on the Goliathus Speed as well (haven't tried the Control), and the Megasoma. So once again, your experience is not guaranteed to be jitter free just because of the mouse pad you get. Additionally I have the g9x...
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    Looking for a new mouse, Razer Abyssus worth while?

    I don't recommend the Abyssus. I own both the Abyssus and the DA3.5 and the Abyssus jitter is intolerable. The DA3.5 doesn't have the jitter, I might've just gotten lucky, or it's part of the fact Abyssus firmware isn't flashable and the DA's is (which I used @ the newest). The Abyssus shape is...
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    Competitive Gamers Look Here Mouse Reviews and more

    I like how you say it is a pos, but with nothing to back it up. Or simply because the 6gv2 has cherry blacks, that automatically make's it the best. Go read some more biased opinions so you can engage in fanboyism.
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    Looking for a compact keyboard

    New keyboars coming out... Also uses cherry browns, which are kind of a mix between black and blues, and not extremely loud. Expensive though for sure.
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    Steelseries Xai

    I have the Xai (came in few days ago). It's hands down the best mouse I've used. I don't know about all this talk with accelleration, if it's there I sure am not noticing it. It seems extremely accurate and linear to me. Maybe it's just so minute that it doesn't affect me. I didn't bother...