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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.

    Panaflo- Best for performance Artic Cooling- Great silent fans Scythe- These should be ok. I have no idea how they perform though. Do you really need a...
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    gaming 65" display

    Yeah and remember the physical size of the screen means nothing. Its the pixels. A 1680X1050 at 20" will make a graphic card work as the same rate on a 1680X1050 at 1000"
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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.
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    Acer 26" no DVI @ 1900x1200?

    What? Are you talking about 1:1 image scaling? If not LOL it will do 1900X1200 over the DVI and VGA. Why the hell will Acer make an LCD that will only do the max resolution on the VGA port? Might aswell shoot yourself. EDIT- Holy crap your right. WTF?
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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.
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    My Silverstone TJ07 Has Arrived

    I got a letter from the bank today, you dont see me making a thread about it... Kidding! Any pics?
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    Quiet-est blue LED Fan.

    Yate Loon D12 SL12 Blue L.E.D fans at 5V are silent and the same as Nexus 120mm fans.
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    What thermal paste..?

    Guys, dont we have better things to do than worry about a 1-2C temp difference with thermal paste? Just get which-ever one you want, I'll bet it wont make a difference on temperatures. AS5, MX-1 and Zalman's thermal material products are all good.
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    Reducing HDD vibrations

    Try Blu Tack on the side panelw where it connects to the main case.
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    How should I compare TJ07 and TJ09?

    TJ09 for air, TJ07 for water.
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    What case is this?

    Vantec? I REALLY want to know lol.
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    What case is this?

    Dell Abit? Asus? ATC?
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    What case is this?

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    Removing Scythe Ninja backplate

    Crap, many motherboards have been killed this way (Including mine). Use a credit card or something else slimilar and carefully just run it through.