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    official MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI thread

    This is what I generally use on my Venice Core 3000 which has similar multiplier etc. Adjust CPU FSB Frequency - 289 HT Frequency - 3x HT Width - 16 16 Cool 'n' Quiet - Disabled Adjust CPU Ration - 9x Adjust CPU VID - 1.45v Extra CPU Voltage - 3.3% Memory Voltage - 2.85v NF4...
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    official MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI thread

    I'd be a litlle suspect about 2 x 512's and a single 1GB. If you could buy a pair of 1GB I'd expect things to be happier and more stable. I'm running 2 x 512 and 2 x 1GB both Dual but obviously at 3-4-4-8 2T and things are very stable. Keep the memory in pairs I'd say.
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    See Sig, I'm happy considering no dual core.
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    need hsf reccomendation

    I'm going to highly recommend the Zalman VF900-CU. It's very effective, very quiet and easy to fit. Also comes complete with Zalmand speed controller and Memory Heatsinks. Review - Review -...
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    FireGL V5200 for gaming

    True, But you still have a choice of another laptop. Either way, It will play most games fine but like most ATI chipsets it'll favour D3D over OpenGL games. You can run the mainstream Catalyst drivers if you modify the setup .inf's to include the V5200 chipset. I doubt you notice...
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    FireGL V5200 for gaming

    I ran a FireGL V5100 128MB DDR in my PC for several months and it was based on the X800 Pro chipset. It generally ran most 3D games O.K at up to 1024 x 768 (Fear, Quake4, Doom3, Oblivion etc) and in typical ATI fashion 2D and 3D quality was nice and sharp. I then swapped it out for an...
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    official MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI thread

    Have you tried disconnecting all components (except essentials) like CD/DVD drive/s, Modem, soundcard etc to see if one of them is at fault. Sure it's not an incorrect jumper setting on a drive? Have you got the latest bios? Have you tried different ram and/or Graphics Card? Etc...
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    Pea size dab or thin layer of paste? Poll!!

    I always use 1/4 to 1/2 a BB sized blob of AS5 in the center of the heat spreader and then just fasten the heatsink on in one smooth movement (eg: Don't lift the heatsink off after you've placed it on the CPU and see if it's spread enough!). Just trust that it has spread nicely and as long as...
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    Nvidia 2D quality (7800GT/GTX series) ?

    I've used NV, Ati and Matrox cards over the years for various CAD and/or rendering work and I must say I've never seen bad 2D quality on any ATI or Matrox card I've used while the earlier NV cards 2D was crap. Todays higher end cards are fairly close however and although at home I use an ATI...
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    Just bought a Neo2 Platinum...what should i know about it?

    Solution could be to reflash the bios with the additional flags of /py/nvmac:xxxxxxxxxxxx/wb where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the origonal MAC address which, can be found on a sticker on top of the motherboard's parallel port block or somewhere around there! awfl833d.exe
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    Just bought a Neo2 Platinum...what should i know about it?

    Definately visit this site - Also make sure you are aware of the hidden bios settings - TIP: In the bios press and hold Shift+F2 and then press ALT+F3 to unlock "hidden" features within the BIOS. Basically this boards bios...
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    MSI classaction..?

    It wasn't just MSI in the spotlight at that time and MSI have used nothing but good quality Japanese made capacitors for a long time since this issue. Was an industry wide issue and while people could point the finger at the board manufacturer they should also...
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    MSI K8n Neo4 Platinum

    There was an issue with earlier revision boards where the GPU fan power connector contacted some capacitors right next to the PCI-E slot prevented the card from fully inserting. These cap's could be gently pushed slightly apart and the power connector would fit between them and the card could be...
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    Very very quick question

    It will work with the 20 pin connector but I'd highly recommend he at least get's the 20 - 24pin adaptor for stability.
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    Very very quick question

    If your mate has a power supply less than 400W and with a 12v rail of less than 18A then buy a new ATX 2.0 standard power supply with the 24pin connector. If the ATX 1.0 power supply currently used is more than 400W and has the 18A minimum 12v rail then they could save somemoney and get a...