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    help with anandtech plz

    Does this look like the Anandtech support forum?
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    am i being hacked?

    It looks to be a worm scanning for open SMTP relays, for the sake of sending spam.
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    E-mail changing.

    Yeah, but not everyone wants to buy a domain just for the [H]
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    E-mail changing.
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    E-mail changing.

    It'd be nice if vBulletin could be modified to allow GM subscribers an exception to the rule. The spirit of the rule is to prevent creation of throwaway accounts used for trolling, spamming, etc, which are typically not things that paying subscribers do.
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    Post your highest memory usage with FireFox!!

    1. The FireFox cache is not just the HTML - session information and layout information is cached. Not every tabbing/fwd/back action causes a hit to Gecko. 2. You forgot images ;)
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    Post your highest memory usage with FireFox!!

    I remember it being somewhere around 3-3.5 GB before it went down in flames. (x86_64 build)
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    Need sticky thread in for sale about why heat is important

    Not even Gandalf himself could sticky common sense. Seriously, is protecting dumb people from trolls worth yet another space-hogging sticky?
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    internet explorer 7 was worth the wait

    Please don't feed the trolls, guys.
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    internet explorer 7 was worth the wait

    "Junk" is quite subjective. Unless you want to start a flamewar, perhaps you could list what FireFox aspects you don't like.
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    Feedback required, i will pay you to help me

    1. Your website looks like crap reminiscent of Geocities. While this is okay for personal pages, you are selling something, and thus, need a professional looking page. Yes, the style and layout shouldn't matter, but many potential buyers have come to expect eye candy from commercial sites. This...
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    Windows activation

    Get Linux. Windows isn't worth buying.
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    Can you please change my name

    vBulletin profiles take up a whopping 311 Bytes :p I think the real reason we have a one account per person rule is to discourage sockpuppetry and keep the trolls at bay. ;)
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    WoW funeral attenders slaughtered

    Please do, by all means, if some group of morons gets the bright idea of warping the whole point of a PvP game by doing so. For fuck's sake, if your clan wants to talk about the bad events, use an IRC channel, or something else that was designed for the purpose.
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    WoW funeral attenders slaughtered

    Real life funerals are not a PvP game. WoW is.