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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

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    I suck at MP-FPS games.

    Do you adjust your sensitivity settings? If you're all over the place trying to zero in on your target, you may need to turn down your sensitivity. Maybe look at your playstyle and see if that doesn't agree with your skillset. I have to turn down my sensitivity on all FPS games whether it's on...
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    Le Eco 4K 44" w/HDR for $500

    Looks like full specs list it as edge-lit LED
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    Motorola Discount Code.. Free if you want it

    I've got one too, I was hoping to use it with a Nexus 6, but it's in the exclusions list. First PM gets it.
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    Newegg HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB HDD $159 FS

    Blackblaze posted this back in September and looks like HGST drives seem to be pretty reliable. Take from it what you will, but I think it's not a bad deal.
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    Amazon Kindle/Fire $50 off, PaperWhite/HDX $75 Off *Restrictions*

    I didn't get an email but I had the same ad as Bone Enterprise on the homepage. Picked up an HDX even though I have a '13 Nexus 7. It'll make a nice gift for someone this year.
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    [HOT] The Elder Scrolls Anthology $30!!!

    This is now a Lightning deal on Amazon as of 10am PST for $25
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    4/4 Only Star-Trek Boxed Set, BD $34.99 DVD $22.49 Amazon Gold Box

    I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Amazon Gold Box Deal: Star Trek Box Set BD $34.99 DVD $22.49 Look's like Movies I through VI and a Captain's Summit Bonus Disc.
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    Battlefield 3 - $10.00, Today(10/05) Only...

    Bought. Good lookin' out OP!
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    I could use this for my new Eyefinity setup
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    World's Largest Potato Gun

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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Holy hell, right here please...
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    25% off at

    Thanks OP, in for one. They had tips for my Munitio's so I picked up a set to see what they can do.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    AMD made my HTPC the most used computer in my house. CPU, chipset, GFX, and they made it on the cheap. and my middle name is Kaname, what?
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    Microsoft Should Replace Ballmer?

    I think yes, but only if they replace him with Steven Sinofsky. He did a great job with Office and Windows. He's also not loud and annoying as Ballmer. He plans and executes well, and I think he'd be the best fit to lead MS.