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    bump.. ANYONE..? LOL
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    ANYONE UP FOR FUN CS:S GG? Is the IP. BFF Turbo GG Server. No ones in it right now. It used to always have ppl but no ones it it anymore. Its a really good lag free i ya wanna join add me on steam.. Steam ID: cg0014 Tag:[DEX]ReL@pse
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    I have doom 3 but need expansion...steam?

    yea doom 3 is an awesome game..even though alot of years have passed since release, I still find myself coming back to it to play it. And I actually really got into the multiplayer for a while but damn they're are some really skilled people at this game..seriously.
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    Firefox wont remember txt?

    I have a problem where like when im logging into myspace and check the remember me box but for some reason firefox wont remember me. It works with IE7 but not do I fix this?
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    How do you unlock new TF2 weapons?

    Just curious I mean they dont even fucking tell you how to get them or anything???
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    How do you get sound with X360 to PC?

    I recently got a 360 and the cable the hook it up to my monitor and everything but i cant figure out how to get the sound to work cuz i have logitechs X-540 surround sound speakers. here is a link..,en idk...
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    8500gt worse than 7800gt? have to be kidding me:eek: I though like the higher the numbers go like 6800-7800-8600 the better the card? My god I thought I was upgrading WTF is going on here?
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    8500gt worse than 7800gt?

    I just bought the fatality branded geforce 8500gt 512mb and it seems to give me worse fps than with my old 7800gt oc 256mb. And I dont understand why. Is it because i dont have vista? cuz it says on the box that it was designed for windows vista. PS>here my pc specs: AMD Athlon 64...
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    FPS RPG's

    Well games are put into categories for a reason. It's like calling a racing game a action/adventure
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    Who's picking up Gears tomorrow?!

    I wonder what kind of a beast of a video card you would need to run this game in high quality..
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    FPS RPG's

    Nah, ur thinkin about it the wrong way. A RPG is a game where you build your character from the ground up and make them how you want them to be. In HL2 gordon freeman is gordon freeman bottom line. You cant change anything about him. So HL2 is simply a FPS.
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    Need help on HL2 EP2 "I'm Stuck"

    I actually felt quite disgusted crawling through those yellow bloody tunnels in that chapter. Valve did a good job on that.
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    TF2: Server is not responding

    i used to get that too but what i would do is just hit join game or whatever and just wait a couple of minutes and it should eventually join you to the server.
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    Portal and EP2 connected?

    So I beat EP2 and portal and im curious how exactly the tie into each other storyline wise? I watched a video review on and they said that the portal ending would leave you "shocked" but i didn't really get it?