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    6 cores?

    You're probably joking, but I disagree with both of your points. A Pentium 4 (or any Netburst processor, or even single-core Core-based CPU) would most certainly make his experience worse, even though it's made by Intel. And I have no trouble with Vista 64 on my setup; you just need to feed it...
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    Antec P182SE Silver Mirror-finished stainless steel $99.95 + SH

    Back in stock for anybody that missed it the first time through. :) Promo code still valid until the 28th, as long as it's in stock when you order it.
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    WD 10EACS 1TB $139.99 free shipping @ newegg

    My WD 6400AAKS was ordered double-boxed from Directron to be safe. ;) Though I've heard that NewEgg is shipping them better these days than they used to, I still wouldn't risk it myself when there are other options like Directron and ZZF for around the same price.
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    WD 10EACS 1TB $139.99 free shipping @ newegg

    Just because you (and I for that matter) are not in its target demographic doesn't make it a bad drive. It's perfect for people for whom silence trumps performance. Silent PC Review gives it its highest accolades: (From Even for us [H]...
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    Gigabyte EP35-DS3R & eSATA question

    Very odd. Anyway, there shouldn't be any problems turning on the AHCI on the JMicron only.
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    Gigabyte EP35-DS3R & eSATA question

    Yes, it is very possible. I have XP, Vista, and Linux on the ICH9R ports of my very similar board (P35C-DS3R), and used the included adapter to eSata on the JMicron. I have both set to AHCI, but there's no reason that you have to. By the way, if you want to use AHCI for an already-installed...
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    Nehalem Webcast Discussion

    There is certainly no reason Intel can't make a dual-core or integrated-graphics varient of Bloomfield to run on socket LGA 1366, but what I was saying is that there is nothing on Intel's roadmap that implies that they will. Ditto with the socket split; it is all but confirmed at this point...
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    X58 Motherboard Preview: ASUS P6T Deluxe

    Nah, it's because there's finally a new socket. In ASUS' naming scheme where x can stand in for any letter, P4x means socket 478, P5x means LGA 775, and P6x means LGA 1366 (and possibly LGA 1160 too, as it's the same generation; not sure, though). They certainly did seem to be running out of...
  9. F Deals 8/18

    It's permanent, see here. AFAIK, some court narrowed what the law could do to interstate commerce, so NewEgg can now use a loophole to not charge the tax, as long as none of its affiliates or partners market directly to New Yorkers.
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    California never will be included in the tax break. Having your headquarters there will do that... ;)
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    Bloomfield 2.66Ghz CPU might cost 266 dollars?

    You can get X48 motherboards near $200 now. While I have no doubt that the initial wave of X58 motherboards will be absurdly expensive, I also have no doubt that we will see $200 X58 boards eventually. Whether that will be closer to February or next August, though, I cannot say. If this...
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    Some Core i7 Cooling Questions Addressed

    The benefit of the AC Freezer series is that they use the stock mounting method, so you do not have to remove and tinker with your motherboard to install it. That is also why it can't work with LGA 1366 no matter what. However, they're cheap enough, that when a new socket comes along you can...
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    Engineering Windows 7

    To play Devil's Advocate, I can see his point here somewhat. What if Windows 7 really is the debloatification of Windows lots of people on this very thread are calling for? If it uses significantly less resources than Vista, and possibly even less than XP when installed in a minimalistic...
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    Pounce or wait for Nehalem?

    Lots of applications can challenge 775 quads now, and will basically gobble up any processor power you give them. Video editing/encoding, 3D rendering, parallel code compilation, and scientific simulations are some applications, and that's just what I can think of in 30 seconds. Now, if...
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    EA Sets Deadline for Take-Two Buyout

    Meh, Wing Commander was fun, but Ultima was where it was at. It went downhill as soon as EA bought Origin though, and they eventually killed that series off too (after trying to milk UO as much as they could). Bastards.