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    UT2004 ECE Server Help?

    Any idea how I could do that or maybe a link to where i could read how to?
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    UT2004 ECE Server Help?

    Ok here is the problem I am having. I am trying to run a dedicated server on UT2k4 that my friends can play in. After trying a bunch of different tricks, I managed to make a dedicated server that I could join, but after testing none of my friends could (black connecting screen until timeout)...
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    Recent RTS Releases... Opinions?

    yea, i tried the demo after starting the thread. It is an awesome game from what ive seen in that. I may save up to get it soon.
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    Guy shooting BF2 with an Air Gun (Fans may get mad!!!).

    Yes, normal people carry RPG's and Assault rifles. Everyone reads a thread title "guy shoots BF2 with an AIRGUN" and everyone is expecting explosions and weapons most people wont have? I think he should have just done something a tad more extreme yet plausible. He filmed the shooting like...
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    Recent RTS Releases... Opinions?

    I was looking at the newer RTS games today and wondering about these 2 games: Civilization 4 and Battle for Middle Earth 2 I already have Empire at War but I was wondering what others thought of the above titles.
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    Why realistic looking games look a little off..

    I think adding in bullets bouncing off walls would be annoying. In games like CS it would basically be another way for me to get hit in the head with stray bullets and have to sit out the round. When it comes to games some of us want gameplay > realism. Its like letting tanks run over...
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    WoW and MMORPGs in general

    Most MMO's are missing the point of MMO, player interaction. And play interaction doesnt mean finding your items on the Auction House and basically getting together to group up for a raid. I liked Star Wars Galaxies better. All the items were player made, most drop items were awful quality...
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    Humorous CNC Generals Video

    Part of it is, but a lot of it is flying bodies. Like, literally.
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    Humorous CNC Generals Video

    Yea, btw before any serious game arguments about Generals arise I must remind everyone it's meant as a comedy.
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    Humorous CNC Generals Video

    Ok I know it may be presumptuous to say it seeing as how my friend Evil Juggalo and I made it but you guys might find it funny. We were making a "Public Service Announcement" playing Generals to show the downside of massing one unit. Turned out pretty funny, its about 2 mins, if you watch...
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    Empire at War

    I like Empire at War as a single player game. The length of time that Galactic Conquest scenarios run make it hard to commit to playing a random opponent online. As for things mentioned on this last page, auto-resolve usually causes you to lose more units than you would commanding the battle...
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    Looking for an MMO

    Well you prolly wouldn't like WoW then. You can level up soloing and occasionally small grouping but after 60 its big guild raids, honor grinding, faction grinding, farming for money, or sitting in major cities trying to sell stuff. Not much else to do in that game, player interaction aside...
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    WC3 Ending: what...exactly happened?

    Aha! Thanks for that. Makes sense now.
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    WC3 Ending: what...exactly happened?

    I thought the ending for Frozen Throne was pretty interesting although the entire storyline for the game and expansion reminded me a lot of Starcraft SC: Kerrigan gets infested by the Zerg and made one of their agents, makes a slow rise to power while the other races are desperately battling...
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    Half Life 2 playing...please help?!

    I am inclined to agree. Steam should be a multiplayer-only thing. Unfortunately they integrated it in just for launching the game in general. After all, for Half Life 2, deathmatch launches as a separate program.