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    ~HELP!!! my new machine unable to boot

    blah! i better do the same. Right now it'll only work in single channel, and will only work when defaulted to 333 mhz memory instead of 400 :(
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    ~HELP!!! my new machine unable to boot

    (ressurecting, i know) but i had the same EXACT problems as you, my ram refused to boot in the dual channel slots, so I'm stuck using single channel with it. After doing that it started booting, but would stop at the ACPI controller, after disabling that in the BIOS it began booting fine...
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    New computer: monitor won't work

    it wont turn on when plugged into the onboard OR the radeon? is there a jumper setting to enable/disable the onboard video? (im unfamiliar with that board)
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    19"/16ms or 17'/12ms?

    i haev a 16ms 19", in the form of an acer al1912b, and its nice and big, great picture, but awful ghosting in fast fps games (quake3, ut2004). i really dont know how this would compare to the benq 19", which had decent feedback at newegg, since i am unsure how responce time ratings vary by...
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    D3 map editor?

    type "editor" in the console (ctrl alt tilde) without quotes, only way i know how
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    Verizon ADSL :: 1.5/384 is $29.95

    i've loved my comcast cable so far, since it defines your max REAL speed instead of max "theoretical" speed. i had 640k dsl from qwest(which is still in my area, theyh avent upgraded here), which should be 80k/s, but i never passed 65, my cable is is 3 megabit, which should be 375k/s, i...
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    Some Funky Stuff in RTCW

    try changing the lighting option ingame? i remember a quake 3 lightning setting (lightmap or vertex) that would make lights look like that
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    newegg shipping

    generally it ships in less than a day for me, once i had some small/cheap package that wasnt shipped after 2 days, next time i checked it was shipped overnight instead of the 3 day saver which i selected, so in the end it came on time :)
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    G-Mail Invites consolidated here!!! thanks ;)
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    I love this Logitech MX510

    Yeah, and im loving it, though i think im using it in less than ideal conditions. i dont have a mousepad at the moment (ordered one, gotta wait), and im using it through a kvm switch and windows doesnt want to install the drivers for it correctly, though from what i've read that may be a good...
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    Somebody wanna loan me $100,000?

    fool me 19 times, shame on you, fool me 20 times....
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    Headphones and mic?

    I just got the altec lansing ahs502 from amazon for 23 bucks, and i love them link assuming that ilnk works pic: they are pretty comfortable, ears get a tiny bit uncomfortable after awhile, but its fine, i've been told i sound like darth vader on the mic, but i really just think...
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    FarCry Fort level in 7mins pistol only. (Vid)

    then you'll also know he used an emulator, save states, and a whole hell of alot of patience to creep is way through the game flawlessly.
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    Painkiller Save System

    cant you still go to the "map" screen i believe its called, and twirl the pentagram over to your current level/act?
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    Anyone had luck with UT24k voice chat?

    what are your audio settings? i've heard hardware w/ eax causes problems