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    What are CALs and why do I need them?

    We have a windows 2003 server that is on its last leg that I inherited to manage and I am wanting to build a new server running windows 2008 to replace it. We have 24ish users that remote desktop to the server and run some accounting software on it and it has been that way before I inherited...
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    New iPad Is Really Hot

    It is a prototype tablet and I cant really say anything more about it because of legal issues but it did in fact get up to 138F but that could change before it goes retail. I can however say that the Acer Iconia Tab W500 got up to 124F in the same test as the prototype.
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    New iPad Is Really Hot

    Just because the battery was still draining doesn't mean it still wasn't charging. It could mean the charge couldn't keep up with how much the device was using from the battery.
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    New iPad Is Really Hot

    I have been doing a lot of test with tablets lately for a work and heat is one of our concerns. One of the windows tablets I was testing while plugged and running a game got up to 138F degrees and the test had to be aborted for fear of breaking the tablet. Game used for the test was World of...
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    New iPad Is Really Hot

    That is true but warm does not equal hot. Those are two different spectrum of temperatures. They would have been better off saying what the case temperature is of the case in your hand but of course that wouldn't draw as much attention as 116 degrees marketing for the win! Also another side...
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    New iPad Is Really Hot

    maybe you guys should read the article before you post: "During our tests, I held the new iPad in my hands. When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period." So it runs a few degrees hotter. Still doesn't have shit on my laptop or the...
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    programmer contract template

    Anybody have an contract template for programming contractor work they can send me?
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    JB PS3 4.00?

    This thread is just full of troll food..... move along trolls. What Time2Kill said downgrade your PS3 and then jail break it and enjoy the comfort of having your PS3 able to play your backups.
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    Facebook Timeline Feature Really Unpopular

    reminds me of myspace with to much sh*t on peoples profiles.
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    Feds Arrest Streaming Sports Site Operator for Copyright Infringement

    ...........their 10th round of domain seizures............ I thought SOPA was dropped.... :confused:
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    Kinect Controlled Skateboard

    was anybody else sad that he didn't do a kick-flip?
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    Desperate for help server 2003 will not boot

    Long story short I messed up and accidentally yank out a hotswap drive while still in windows 2003 r2. The server is running raid 5 with three drives. I let the controller rebuild the drive I yanked and I had to run a partition recovery program to recovery the partition which I can see...
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    BF3 on The 360 is 'Standard Def' Without HDD Install

    Hmmm spend more money to play fewer graphically enhanced games that you need to spend hours configuring or spend less money to play a ton more less graphically enhanced games with no configuring. I think I will go with option B since I get more bang for the buck. Enjoy spending more money for...
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    Sony Hacked Again

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    Gabe Newell Explains Why PC Games Still Matter

    yeah but how many of those had high end video cards? :rolleyes: