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    Alien Swarm

    do you guys know if the difficulty and environment is adjusted to how many players you have? if I go in with 2 other friends, will it be tuned for a 3 player game or will it be the same game as if we were playing with 4 players?
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    why do you never finish good games?

    the thing sites like metacritic curb our likeliness to play games. Yes all those games were rated well and high, but it seems some of them are just boring for a lot of people. and then there are those who talk about the games like they have to finish them...what's up with that...
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    Early Office 2010 Sales 'Disappointing'

    remind me why i need a new WORD PROCESSOR? a typewriter can do it, 2003 can definitely do about you offer it for free to please your customers microsoft?
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    Turn-based strategy game suggestions?

    civilization V coming out soon, watch out =D
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    How VSync works, and why people loathe it

    also, is there a way to adjust refresh rate levels on an lcd monitor. my dell s2309w says it is at 60hz, is that the only level it can be at? it seems quite low for a good monitor
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    How VSync works, and why people loathe it

    thanks for the info. but i don't understand why the fps able to be shown in double-buffer vsync would be refresh rate / N (integer)...
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    Realistic Human Motion from Monocular Video Sequences

    very cool. looking forward to seeing implementations in the future. this is a lot like a tech shown at e3...i forget the name
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    Facebook Launches Panic Button for Child Safety

    I'd like the see the panic button not get abused...
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    Consumer Reports Retracts iPhone 4 Recommendation

    the overpriced phones are actually...overpriced?
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    'Despicable Me' Finds Hero in Behind-the-Scenes Technology

    looks great, will see it soon =D and i agree with darkpaw...avatar last airbender was hyped up and it sucked...hopefully this movie wont
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    Chinese Woman Grows Horn Out of Forehead

    weird that shed grow it this late
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    What are you playing now thread?

    right now i just finished ME2 and working on crysis/batman arkham
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    What are you playing now thread?

    play mass effect 2, its worth it. especially right after finishing ME1.
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    WoW RealID will now reveal real names on forums, going back retro

    thank god blizzard fixed this mess
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    Did any of you guys buy a game during the Steam sale that's impressed you?

    but i did get mass effect 2 and the crysis max edition...mass effect 2 is obviously great...crysis im playing through now...