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    LCD Televisions with 4:4:4 Subsampling and low Input Lag.

    My new laptop wouldn't consistently handshake with my Vizio VO32LF, and I've grown FAR too accustomed to the 32" 1080p desktop real-estate to deal with a small screen, so I did the only thing natural; sell the Vizio on Craig's List and go shopping. I did my research online, and settled on a...
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    disc's Antec Fusion

    Updated the original post with my new Z68 configuration. I'm thinking the RAM is probably overkill, and perhaps I should switch it out for a 4GB kit when I upgrade my main desktop to LGA 1155.
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    EDIT: disregard

    EDIT: disregard
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    HTPC software?

    I finally moved from BeyondTV to SageTV, and I can't say I miss Beyond. The fact that that BeyondTV wouldn't interface with my x264 mkv movies was reason enough for me to shell out another $80; the slicker interface, weather tool, and pandora plugin are just gravy on top.
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    Opportunity to Test Drive BenQ Latest Full HD 16:9 LCD

    I’d like to think that as an electrical engineer by trade, I’d make a good reviewer. I have the technology background to understand what’s at work and I’m used to making cost vs. quality decisions. I’m willing to subject the monitor to the usual applications...
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    Dual core HTPC for $275!?

    Believe me when I say I understand cost objectives, but if you have any sort of decent paying job (meaning that your time is not worthless) you'll thank yourself later if you opt for a larger hard drive. A 500GB drive will run you about an extra $50 on sale, and honestly, if somebody kicked...
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    To RAID or not to RAID

    RAID usually accomplishes one of two things; either faster disk access, or data redundancy. For HTPC usage, faster disk access is usually pointless. Depending on the value of your data, redundancy might be a desirable feature. On my archival file server I run RAID5 to help prevent a disk...
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    HTPC help needed

    ^-- that card + satellite (via a coax cable) = standard def :(
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    What is your definition of an HTPC vs. general use PC with tuner card?

    This thread had a point at some time, right? </sarcasm> Call it your l33th4xor box for all we care. Arguing over a name is retarded.
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    Building HD HTPC, need suggestions/help

    ESiR and company exceed 'scene' standards and are what I would call good HD. Given that, I'm not sure I've ever seen a 9,100 kbps x264, but I certainly don't watch everything. Back on topic, as w1re said, x264 support just sucks right now. There are a couple of ways to hack it, but as far...
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    Building HD HTPC, need suggestions/help

    10,000 kbps 720p x264 is overkill imo. I'd guess your quants are in 'excessive' range (ie, beyond being visible). 'Scene' is like ~3,000 kbps, good HD is like 4,500 to 6,000 kbps.
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    What's the right kind of paint to use for projector screen?

    Good luck with that. CRT is generally accepted as having the absolute best blacks.
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    Onboard vs. 6200 card for HDTV

    To add my experience (and take it for that, I'm not stating that people haven't been able to get 1080i working on a 6150) I had to pony up for something stronger get glitch free 1080i playback. I have no regrets though, because smooth HD playback is a beautiful thing :)
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    Choosing Speakers

    This recommendation always gets mixed reviews, but a good way to save a bundle on speakers is to buy used. I watched Craig's List for a few months and picked up a nice five speaker Paradigm setup on the cheap. If you find somebody upgrading, it's a great way to pick up a set of Mid-fi speakers...
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    HD and DVD Image Comparisons

    Part of the problem is you're veiwing this images on your (relative to a TV) small monitor. Blow up a standard def image on a 55" screen, and you'll have no problem telling the difference between SD and HD.