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    Dragon Age II is $12 on Origin.

    This is tempting at 13 bucks (after tax): what kind of DRM nonsense or DLC does the game have?
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    DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space

    Without getting too much into the biology i'll try to explain the basics. The early earth had a very different atmosphere than what we have today. There was no free O2, by this i mean any oxygen that was around was sequestered in water or other forms. This was a very good thing because oxygen...
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    EA Says Steam "Too Restrictive" For Battlefield 3

    If the gamer stats are not a big deal ( and it shouldnt be if the game is something your not interested in) you can have him sign in to offline mode. He will then have access to every game and you can log online or offline on your computer to do the same. I actually have my wifes' computer set...
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    DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space

    Well the 'Im alive so it clearly happened' is a good starting point. If more people would understand that religion is a social system used to control people and move past it they would see that the universe opens up. The interesting part now becomes how did everything get to where it is now...
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    A Farewell to Galaxies: Escapists last stop in SWG

    I do feel that the game was pretty bad but had massive potential. I really enjoyed the creature handler in the short amount of time I played it.
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    Opinions on Valkyria Chronicles

    Reading about this makes me want to play it again. Not sure if i beat it or not the first go around lol. I agree that sometimes you have to rush through it to get the best score, replaying it and killing every unit sounds a lot more fun. I wish they released a proper sequel for the ps3.
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    Cthulhu Saves the World? ROFL

    My favorite 2 scenes were meeting the boss after first getting paws and then scene after you get your powers back. I will say after playing this and breath of death I went out and bought a couple JRPGs on the Ps3 i had missed.
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    Dead Island - Best Open World Zombie Game Ever?

    Don't forget Shawn of the Dead - best zombie movie ever.
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    Dragon Age 2 Disappears From Steam!

    Valve doesnt buyout good compaines and turn them to shit, so fuck EA. I dont care if this is Valves' fault or not.
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    Apple to Replace Faulty Seagate 1TB iMac Hard Drives

    Seagate used to be a good manufacture, but their 1tb+ hard drives are complete shit. They have an extremely high failure rate for some reason. I actually had one for a little while because previously I used them exclusively for new builds. After 2 days it started clicking. This is a known...
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    Apple to Replace Faulty Seagate 1TB iMac Hard Drives

    Ah the joys of prebuilt computers full of shit components. At least Apple is stepping up unlike most if not all of the PC laptop companies.
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    What should Skyrim bring from Oblivion?

    It is hard for me to think about anything oblivion did better than morrowind or daggerfall except for graphics and perhaps horses.
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    Cthulhu Saves the World? ROFL

    Could someone check the game folders to see if there is a config file? It might be in my documents as well. Id like to try and start the game with no music to see if i can bypass the WMP crap but I am guessing it doesnt create a config file until after you modify the options.
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    Divine Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga

    Its the expansion plus a remastered original in one. They fixed some bugs and smoothed out the progression, plus other things i dont remember. Much better buy, and it gives the game an actual ending unlike just playing it without the expansion.
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    Cthulhu Saves the World? ROFL

    I bought it as well but cant play it due to refusing to install windows media player.