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    New sub 10L itx case, SilverStone RVZ02!!!

    looks nice, any idea when rvz02/ml08 will be available in europe? pricing? any reviews coming?
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    Who's going to wait out the 970/980 craze?

    I will. There is no point in "upgrading" to 970 and 980 is too expensive for my liking. Actually, I wouldn't get 780 either if not the fact that upgrading from 7950 to (eventually) 780 was pretty much free thanks to mining and reselling GPUs... I was considering second 780, but probably not...
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    What is going to be a realistic price for the R9-290x and R9-290?

    Because of low supply/high demand and VAT price of 970 is much higher in my country, but assuming the 330$ price tag, 290X shouldn't cost more than 270$ while 290 should be 250$. There has to be a noticable difference in price between 290/970, because NV not only is faster and clocks better...
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    GTX 780 DirectCU II SLI question

    Anyone is running GTX 780 DirectCu II SLI? 780 prices dropped and I might have a good deal on second Asus GPU, for my dual GPU configuration. My PSU should handle it ezpz. The only thing I am concerned are temperatures. When my rig consisted of 7950OC + 280X for mining purposes, god, it was...
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    GTX 970/980 specs @ Techpowerup, plus 3dmark gpu-score leaks... Neo: "Woah."

    Are there any reliable tests, comparing GTX 780 OC'ed to about 1200MHz boost clock(I suppose you can call it below average for a B1 chip) to GTX 970 OC to 1400-1500MHz boost clock?
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    It downclocks on 144hz only for people with one monitor plugged in. I actually asked about it a while back on blurbusters. You can read about it here. Doubt NVIDIA is going to fix it: II am using powerstrip to change between 121hz/144hz on my VG278HE. All fullscreen games force...
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    Does it matter if you get more than 60fps on a 60Hz monitor?

    it also reduces input lag in most games.
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    The Best GAMING Monitor at this moment

    Well it is a great deal in the US but in most UE countries you have to add 23%VAT and 14% duty. Plus all the hassle with the warranty.. and shipment of the monitor to Korea would cost me at least 30$ afair. Also I can deduct the tax on electronics bought in my country. All in all, I bought...
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    Asus 780 DirectCuII high temperatures?

    Looks fine. I am getting up to 70c/70% fan speed with stock bios, 1.2V core and ~1225 clock (can't remember exactly)
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    r9 290 or wait for Maxwell?

    right now there is absolutely no reason for a price drop on amd cards
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    Asus R9 290 DirectCUII Review

    1220 core. yeh... my reference R9 290(@290X) was stable at 1025/1300 on stock voltage and maybe 1080 core with max voltage. it was way too loud for overvolting though now I'm a happy Asus DirectCu II 780@1254/1600 user
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    780 GTX overclock results

    after over a week of testing in multiple games/benchmarks, I think my Asus DirectCu II @ 1241/1675 is stable. I've tried skyn3t bios but stock gave better memory results and it was 2-3c cooler. I am getting about 70c@GPU/85c@VRM absolutely max (long gaming period with 100% load, closed case...
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    Upgrade or not, if so to which Gpu?

    well, for 60hz/1080p 770/280x is somewhat enough, but on maxed settings it will still dip to 40 fps in demanding games while 780 should keep it much closer to 60. i believe that overclocked GTX 780 or non reference R9 290 (tri-x!) have pretty good performance per dollar
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    Upgrade or not, if so to which Gpu?

    GTX 780
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    Buy now or wait 3-4 months for Maxwell?

    I see no reason to wait if you can grab GTX780 in affordable price. Unless you want to wait nearly a year for Maxwell which is probably going to be only slightly better