GTX 780 DirectCU II SLI question


Nov 23, 2013
Anyone is running GTX 780 DirectCu II SLI? 780 prices dropped and I might have a good deal on second Asus GPU, for my dual GPU configuration. My PSU should handle it ezpz.

The only thing I am concerned are temperatures. When my rig consisted of 7950OC + 280X for mining purposes, god, it was loud and hot. Second GPU was running about 90c on nearly max fan speed; top card was about 10c warmer then in single GPU configuration.

My case is quite well ventilated and I have a spare fan for side panel in case it would be needed. Is non-reference SLI (780 DirectCu II) a good idea? Can I keep it cool and relatively silent? (<70% fan speed on this GPU is what I am okay with)
Ideally, I would like to OC both cards to ~1200MHz@boost (mine is currently running 1250)