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    i7 4770K/ 4790K Owners what Ryzen did you upgrade to?

    My 4690K gave up the ghost finally about a year ago and I went to a 2700X
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    Which 2060? 4760K keeps up with a 6700K, and even the 6950X
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    Flashback Dual Celeron Cooler Circa 1998

    I hit 450 on my 300A, tried and tried for that 504 but couldnt get it.
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    NYC's Next Subway Cars Have Wi-Fi And USB Ports Built-In

    You could have read the article before spouting bullshit. This is all paid for by the fare people pay to ride the subway.
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    NYC's Next Subway Cars Have Wi-Fi And USB Ports Built-In

    Withen a week all of that fancy new shit will be destroyed by "youths".
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    Finally time to upgrade from Q6600... help?,198321&P=21&Q=252 Builds ranging from $500 to $2000.
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    Four new notification tones were pushed onto my Moto X

    They are weather notification sounds from The Weather Channel, hence the TWC and the filenames.
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    How many games on your Steam wishlist + category use?

    61 on wishlist, 212 in library, 18 categories. some are duplicated across categories as well.
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    Unreal Engine 4 Open World Cinematic

    With their drivers you'll be lucky to pull 20.
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    Unreal Engine 4 Open World Cinematic

    Why the fuck is it only 30FPS on a Titan X? If thats all the new Titan call pull off then what hope does any other card?
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    Which Large HP Monitor for a gamer?

    This is really the only option, all the other ones have a response time greater than 6ms. However it is a 4K monitor, so you might need to SLI your 980 to get good framerates.
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    What usb keyboard is most like IBM m buckling spring keyboard?

    This will tell you which key switch might be your style. Reds are favored for gaming, I went with blues as I like the more resounding click of the keys.
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    sun quad gigabit nic

    If you can find the model number it would be easier, however this is the current guide for a Sun Quad gigabit ethernet adaptor
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    Samsung "find my phone" ?

    Att probably removed it. Carriers are known to try and force their version of android.