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    Ambient Music Sound System

    I'm sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to ask this, but I've come to trust you guys. I'm in the market for a sound system. However, this isn't a private sound system, and it won't be used for intense gaming (...I wish). It's for a restaurant-esque establishment. The thing is...
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    Push or pull?

    The last time this thread was got ugly. My favorite comment on that thread was "Sit in front of a house fan. When it's blowing air on you, do you feel cooler than when it's pulling air off of you?" The guy wasn't even joking. I think the final decision from that thread was that...
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    Summer weathers here!

    There was the case (pun) of the guy building his computer inside a small freezer.
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    Many problems already plagued by some US PSP units.

    ...and you guys laughed when I said CRT would be best for PSP. I don't see any dead pixels on my CRT.
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    A Riddle.

    I got to 18 a couple months ago. I think on 16 it had a bunch of pictures from past levels, and after a long time, I figured it out. I got to 18, bookmarked it, and went to bed. The next day, I lost the password to 18. I had to go back to 16, but I didn't care too much. I knew how to do it...
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    Evercool WC-202 *HELP!*

    Ouch, Evercool doesn't have the best reputation. I'm with the guy that said to reverse the plug.
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    Are there any others?

    Aria doesn't count as a case. It counts as crap.
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    Docking a SFF box in a car

    But really really funny to watch. *Sorry for the immature post*
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    Lan-Li worth it?

    ...Do you have a V-1000? I got one like 3 months ago, and it is fantastic. The only problem I have with the V-1000 is the opposite of what ^ this guy said. The edges on the sides of the case are jagged. It's quite peculiar. It really kills my opinion of the case. I find the cooling to be...
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    Video Games Blamed For Shootings

    I just thought I should jump in and say anti-depressants and videogames are very different. Comparing the kid that killed his grandparents when he was on high dosages of zoloft to a kid playing GTA then killing someone is stupid. They're completely different. Anti-depressants really screw you...
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    Uh oh... Dead iPod?

    I've been on some Mac forums before, and they always yell at people for wanting to swap their iPod's drives. They said it was impossible, but I guess you can try...
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    Best card for a sub 2GHz system

    Just to give you a heads up, that's a PCI-Express Videocard you're looking at. I doubt your friend could use PCI-Express.
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    Never OC'd anything before...

    Just buy a new HSF, and be careful with the voltages. I doubt you'll need much of an overclock.
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    uGuru for Asus?

    There are a couple ways to do it through Windows, but they never run as well as a straight BIOS overclock. The uGuru is supposed to do a good job of it though.