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    Facial Recognition Tech Wrongly Identifies Thousands as Potential Criminals

    I'll leave this here in case anyone has a run-in with the cops with tech like this.
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    1080p @ 144hz or 1440p @ 60z

    Honestly, having a 1440p 60hz Dell Ultrasharp IPS panel that I love, I still wished I had 144hz pretty bad. My buddy has 144hz gsync 1080p monitor and it's lovely to play Rocket League and BF1 on, really really nice. On the other hand, would I go back to 1080p? Never! Even if you are gaming...
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    New build - getting the correct OS

    There's definitely a risk. I just do it for my many personal machines, and some family. I've done the risk analysis and it's so low that I feel the money saved is worth it in the long run. If you plan on selling this PC to some person on CL or something, don't risk it - for personal use I...
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    New build - getting the correct OS

    There's a couple guys at least on here selling Windows retail keys. I've used a bunch of them and have never had any issues with Win 7 pro or Win 10 pro. About the same price probably as your student copy costs.
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    Netgear "Fixes" Router with Phone-Home Features That Record IP, MAC Address

    The last update I ran on my R7000 was buggy and I reverted back. Tried open source firmware but that dropped my WiFi speeds enough to go back to stock firmware, and rolled back to an older release. Looks like I'm not upgrading to this either.... I'm about ready to leave this with my roommate...
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    Half life 3 Underway Coming soon

    Never give up hope! I thought for sure Shenmue 3 would never happen. 14 years later, it's supposed to be delayed this year... i mean released this year.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Is it my lucky day?
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    Best shooter game you have ever played?

    Has to be Left 4 Dead 2. I'm a huge team based game fan, and I dumped almost 2,000 hours between L4d1/2. Multiplayer PvP was really where it was at in that game. This is just SP campaign which can be pretty boring.
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    Even Tech Savvy Organizations can Fall for Phishing Schemes

    A couple of years ago our finance controller almost wired out a large sum of money as well. They had created a domain and replaced the first character, an i, with an l, such that you would never notice. Luckily our finance controller caught it literally one click away when he called the CEO...
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    Burned out on gaming.. still love hardware.

    Maybe get into virtualization? If you have/can get a static IP, I've been considering setting up a backup system for my family's computers and pictures. Setting up basically more like a family calendar and photo sharing, so we can store high quality photos without the degraded quality when you...
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    new dreamcast hdmi box - looks good!

    Sweet, thanks for the good find. I may have to pick one up, as emulating my dreamcast games isn't always ideal and I've been meaning to play Shenmue in all it's original glory before 3 comes out. Glad I never sold/gave away my Dreamcast years ago!
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    Dutch Town Installs LED Pavement Strips to Alert Distracted Smartphone Users

    We have similar lights on our fork lifts at work, blue in this case, for people that walk around looking at the ground. I've even caught myself doing it when I'm deep in thought, thinking about how im going to solve this problem or the steps I need to take, and they've been handy. Similar idea...
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    How MSI Went From 'Game Over' to Gaming Industry Power Player

    Most interesting quote from the article Demand full commitment from employees: In a company-wide announcement in 2012, co-founder Henry Lu informed staff that anyone who wasn't fully committed to MSI's new direction should leave the company. It was a bold move, but an important one. Changing...
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    From HP "PSU in your Z220 is a HP proprietary design and does not conform to ATX standards. This means you can not use an off the shelf ATX power supply and plug it in without damaging your motherboard," you are correct.
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    Dell Optiplex 790 MT - Ebay

    Another option to look at are the HP Z220 Desktop computers. Seem like a better case layout for larger graphics cards, and 3 HDD slots. HERES a 3rd gen i5-3570 with 4gb of RAM for $140. Worth searching for some cheap ivy bridge i7's.