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    General Zelda Question

    Have to agree with that entirely. After those two, I'd say go through OoT, then windwaker, then Majora's Mask (it can be a bitch but you'll be fine after beating the previous games).
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    Both versions of MGS V coming to Steam.

    For anyone that has read the reviews, which would you recommend on the basis of being the most spoiler free?
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    The PS Vita of Steam Machines arrives in 2016 for $299

    I can also say the the PS4 to PS Vita stream is absolutely manageable outside of a LAN as long as the router and internet connection are strong enough. Fast twitch games are still a bit of a struggle but that will only improve. Very curious to see this in action.
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    Can Twitch Play Darksouls?

    The idea to pause the game between commands was a good one. But I can't imagine this will keep the fickle twitch communities interest long enough to reach the end. It already usually takes a new player upwards of 40 hours.
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    That game that's so popular with everyone, but you just can't...

    TF2 - Maybe I should give it another go, but had no patience for it Last 5 years of COD
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    That game that everyone hates, but you love...

    Supreme Commander 2 Dumbed down from the first, but still enjoyed it extensively Beyond Earth Got it on sale and can reconcile that it feels more like an expansion
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    Graphics card power but no output

    I plugged two 8pin connectors into my zotac 970 amp omega and after turning the pc on, I smelled burnt Plastic... I had previously had the 970 running fine with an 8 pin and a 6 to 8pin, but I wanted to support two full 8pin connections before I attempted to OC. The card still powers up as far...
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    Walmart Samsung 55" smart tv It's in the news, Walmart had a price glitch Wed morning. The TV above was listed as $329 and was available for in store pickup at my local Walmart. The TV was supposed to be $1100...
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    Walmart Samsung 55" smart tv

    Anybody else lucky enough to grab one for $329? Twas the best Wednesday of my life. dorm room too small XD 55tv by AphoticRegret tombraider by AphoticRegret
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    ps4 teaser images chopped togeather.

    It's going to be a sexy box, I'm sure of it :)
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    Xbox "Next" or "Infinity" reveal thread. Today is the big day!

    Got a kick out of this: Xbox One Highlight Video!
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    Xbox 720 Specs: Eight-core CPU, 8 GB RAM, Windows 8 Kernel?

    8gb of ram, though it'll be DDr3: And instead of hearing about a Halo game, we were told a Halo live action tv series is coming out... I feel like this thing is a smart blueray player that happens to play games.
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    Xbox "Next" or "Infinity" reveal thread. Today is the big day!

    What the hell was Microsoft going for with this? The vast majority of people that tuned in and care about this broadcast are GAMERS, not the casual crowd this thing was clearly being marketed towards. Why the hell would I want to buy this over a PS4? Because of the awesome TV features and...
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    Upgrading form Iphone 4

    So went I was able to spend a good a mount of time with both the Nokia and Samsung. I have to say I was really impressed with the snappiness of the Lumia. Great screen and feels good in the hand. With the GS4 I was blown away by the screen (I'm personally not very susceptible to over...
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    Calling all miners! Which to Choose? amd xfire vs nvidia sli

    In simplest terms, bitcoin mining places a very specific stress on the GPU that is reliant on integer performance. AMD cards are better suited to handle this type of work because they've been adding features to improve this type of performance. When gaming, integer performance is much less...