What printers do you all use?

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    Apr 9, 2001
    I picked it up here a couple of weeks ago. I watched a few YouTube videos on it and people were talking about the quality and speed on the device. I thought why not for the price. It has been a fun little printer for the price and it is so fun to print on. My Cr-10s I have to get everything ready on it. This thing I can have up and running in no time. I did purchase a borosilicate glass plate for it when works great. The print quality is outstanding once I use the S3D profile from https://mpminidelta.com/ . The speed is amazing as well. The downside is it is loud (not a problem since my printers are out in my garage) and that the build area is small (not a big deal to me since I have a CR-10s. Watch some YouTube videos on it if you are interested. Like I said for the price I am happy. It's fun to watch a Delta work as well. Hope that helps WheresWaldo .

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    Mar 3, 2017
    I want a delta so bad...wife won't let me get a 3rd printer though. She's right, the cr10 is already in the garage
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    Just snagged a Monoprice MP10. Took it apart, put it back together. Replaced the extruder, about to put on a second Z axis and Z braces.
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    Deltesian reporting in!


    It's a totally custom setup, originally based on a Delta Kossel, with a custom version of Marlin to support the unique kinematics.

    Upgraded with an official E3Dv6 gold edition hotend, Capricorn bowden tube, and TMC2130 stepper drivers (in SPI mode for full software control). Runs off an ATX power supply, and has a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint attached underneath with an attached webcam for remote monitoring and time-lapses.
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    Jan 4, 2016
    DSC_0037.jpg Hiroshima A bomb.jpg We have a modified PRUSA MK 3S.
    See pic of a 1/8 scale atomic bomb my son printed and I airbrushed. Will post higher quality pic when finished with model.
    Took 30 hrs to print tail piece, wired up with 2 LEDs.
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