The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)


Sep 29, 2002
Think I'm in need of a new router but it's been so long I have no idea where to start. Last router I bought was a d-link DGL5500. That's the odd one that had the qualcomm application prioritizing. It's actually not bad, but getting very old now. Frequent restarts and the wifi range really leaves something to be desired.

My house is only 1200 sq ft, raised bungalow. The problem is it was built in the late 50s so my walls aren't drywall for the most part. I have old gyprock and parge, mostly 3/4" thick. Wifi doesn't penetrate very well with this crap. I've replaced some with drywall in renos but obviously I'm not about to do the whole house if I don't need to. It's a real bastard of a job ripping this stuff out!

I've been leaning towards asus. Anyone I know with an Asus has been very happy. I'm quite done with stinksys having used their trash in the past. I don't have a lot of devices to connect. Desktop is wired, two phones a tablet and a thermostat on wireless. I don't play much online games these days and speed is not essential to me. I'm actually quite happy with the network being just wireless g. My internet is only a 40mb service, no need to upgrade at this time.

What I do need is range and stability. We often stream videos off my desktop through the network to the tablet, mostly for our son.

The other problem is router location. Currently it's in the basement at one far end of the home although I did build a shelf to keep it up near the ceiling so it mostly covers the house. It's a bit unstable at the opposite end if you're upstairs. I am unable to change this location and repeaters aren't good options with my home layout and a 3 year old that will mess with them.

I don't see the need for an expensive high end router but not sure what my price point should be. Don't want to buy more than I need but at the same time don't want to be disappointed by cheaping out.