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  • Thanks for your classic Dual Core thread. All now running sweet.

    Just thought I'd give you some 2011 feedback on it.

    Steps #1 and #2 are now installed and all seems fine. Before the patches the machine ran like it was in treacle. Now it is sweet. Did all the changes you documented, and the one mentioned in the readme of #2

    You may want to tweak your sentence in red for #3 to make it really obvious that the Microsoft patch is not needed for an XP SP3 system. (I assume it is part of that SP as default)

    Fix #3 - The Microsoft Hotfix

    NOTE: This Hotfix is only for Windows XP w/SP2 per the documentation at the link below. Not required for XP SP3 as it is already installed.

    Again - thanks for your historic post. Bet you never thought you'd be helping people out with that same information 6 years later :D


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