1. M

    Procesor overheating, no cooling.

    Hi and thanks for adding me to the forums. I'm not overclocking but I have an issue with cooling. Recently my computer started crashing with a blue screen and after installing a piece of monitoring software I found out the cpu temperature was 70 degrees Celsius at start rising up to 100-105...
  2. V

    Gaming on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ AND Heating issue.

    Hey fellow android lovers! I recently picked up the S7+ because it seemed to FINALLY be a solid contender for the Ipad pro in terms of being a school companion device for college. I am an engineering student and the sketching/note-taking capabilities have been nothing short of life-saving! The...
  3. Bitbat

    How do i prevent my wii u from overheating?

    My cat (aka bella) keeps sitting on the console and it overheats to its doom. It has also done it without the cat. Is there any way i can prevent the wii u from overheating? I'm pretty sure nobody wants to repair it since the console is a failure.
  4. V

    i7 6850k Temps High After Replacing AIO

    So, I was running an Intel i7 6850k OC'd to 4.3ghz / 1.35v on a ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 and a Corsair H110i for about 3 years with no issues, idle temps around 25-28c, full load under OCCT around 79c after 4 hours. Anyway, the other night the pump on my H110i failed, causing my system to...