Post your workstations 2011

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Not much has changed, just been keeping it minimalistic and simple,




I know the feet of the tables are not supposed to be that way but it's easier for me to move left right when my laptop's open.
zackwatt: ...some say that he has an epic setup and that he never sleeps. All we know is...he's called the Stig.

ColdCrow: great desktop, great setup.

Haven't made any changes to the office configuration at home since my post in the 2010 thread. Hopefully will finish some shelves in the next day or two.
@ cyberkost:
Well.. they are? xD
the left and right ones are V243HQ, and the middle one is a V243H (there are some very small differences)
Their max res is 1920x1080, so... yea those are 16:9 monitors :)

What size did you think they were?
it could be the camera distortion / stitching /etc/ that threw me off .. but in the picture the side monitors look so much stretched horizontally -- they almost look like 2:1
Correction, no kids do wire management. Most people I know who are 20+ and have a decent place to live that they pay for take great care of all the things they own, including wires. Much different when it's your place costing your money.

I know this is an old picture from about a year ago, but this is while I was living at home, and I was 18.


Here is a current picture. Sold my desktop and now have 2 laptops. Hooray for college life:

One thing I failed to mention is the fact that both the TV and the Pioneer are capable of 1920x1080 resolution - however 1920x1080 on a 55" is seriously something to behold when gaming. When the lights are out, wife is gone, sub's are kicked up a bit, and the game is one - it is a totally emerssive experience.

Im sure cause on my crappy Philips stereo that I hook to my laptop while gaming makes for a better experience :cool:
What is the name of that chair

Aeron chair, Herman miller makes it. Known as one of the most comfortable office chairs made, they also aren't cheap. I'm lucky enough to have one at work (my employer treats us well).
reserved for ushape birch galant goodness :)

been planning this since last october or november. can't remember. total for all the desks was $375. the only thing i did not buy on craigslist was 3 more t-legs from ikea. i drove to maryland for the first half, then to woodbridge for the capita legs and jarpen shelf, norfolk for the other half of the desk, then back to woodbridge for the t-legs and one quarter circle end piece. i decided to not go with the half circle end pieces.

i even had enough parts to make an extra 44 inch x 24 inch galant desk (not counting the half circle end pieces). no room left though so i will store it. i am considering this painting to round out my room with the pictures i will put up so tell me your thoughts on this.

i also plan on taking a shot with my 2 laptops on the desk. kinda forgot :p. also will put my speed limit sign up :)

i am by no means finished. i plan on putting some clothes on that shelf by the door or removing completely at some point. in the meantime the boxes will go in the closet and the futon will be pushed against the door.

i am happy to have a charging area for misc small things like cell phone and mp3 player, a spot for both laptops, and an area to sit cases on to work computers withou affecting me doing other things like being online or on the laptops.

i was inspired by Lotheron . thanks agan :).










rest of pics here:
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Reserved, Waiting for good light, and well... when i get home from work :D

Not too much change this year. Wish I could afford some U2711 screens. Have to live with the 2407s for now.
At the begining on '11 , working on a new desk/cleaner setup....this is during some work...

now stop your fucking bitching about the size, its gotten pretty old
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yes i do.....same size pretty much, made from scratch, and tossing up the idea of ditching the 1200 on my desk and just building my PC into the desk itself(got an H50 so not much airflow is needed other than GFX and NB).......we shall see in a week or 2, wanted to get in early on the thread though with my "Work station" when it actually was being used for work :D
Make em bigger so I can see the individual dust particles all over your setup.
How can people have their 2011 workstation already?

My workstation will not change until Snady Bridge LGA 2011 which is Summer time.
2010 Workstation reposts, a bunch of cheaters.:D

My workstation changed five times last year.:eek:
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