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May 18, 1997
Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread - Post up a screen shot of your EVGA Ampere Queue items. I have seen some of these that are very interesting. I am not in the market for an NVIDIA card, but I did get in EVGA's queue yesterday just to see how things were going on Ampere supply. (You can screenshot, copy and paste straight into our editor here and we will host your screen grab.)


I've also been in step-up queue for a 3080 since 9/17/20, the first day of queuing.
Screenshot 2021-01-21 171143.png

Ordered this on 12/3/20, kind of amazed people have been on the queue since September and still haven't gotten it and I've had my card for 1.5 months now.
So.. we queued for the same card on the same day, but I got mine almost two months later because I did it 13.5 hours after you. Crazy.
wow I'm super fucked then. I submitted for the queue in early Jan. I'm probably never going to get card at this rate. Maybe when the 4000 series launches I'll be able to buy one second hand like a peon.
So.. we queued for the same card on the same day, but I got mine almost two months later because I did it 13.5 hours after you. Crazy.
Yes, but it's a bit hard to extrapolate any meaningful statistics out of that. I know there's some obscure Google doc floating around with people's sign-up times, but unless EVGA releases actual number (which will never happen) it's anyone's guess. Could be 1k, could be 100k... we just don't know. But yeah... it's not good.
Queue since early October. I've given up at this point with this generation, and won't bother buying one if I ever get the notification. I pretty much came to the conclusion that my 2080ti is still working just fine, and honestly, i'll feel like a whore if I give any money to these guys at this point.
Got lucky the second time out of two and somehow got the card I had actually wanted.

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.47.39 PM.png
Still waiting trying to get a 3060ti or 3070. One of these days, one of these days.


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I ended up getting a zotac 3080 amp holo from zotac's site back in early November for $769 but I kept the queues just to see how long it would take. Still nothing and my earliest was back in September 24th. Kinda wild.

I was fortunate enough to get the card I really wanted first, and while I did want two, I decided to go back to single card this generation. I ended up not using the second notify, as someone else who wanted one would get it anyway.

I just got a Reverb G2 and the trusty old 1080ti is starting to show its age a bit. That and 4k gaming is in need of a bump.
This seems like YACF (Yet Another Cluster----), courtesy of NVidia.

Check my sig for why I need a new vid card.
Here ya go. I really want an rx 6800 or XT for me but no luck there either.