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  • Steam name and Origin names should both be syribo, of course! :) Terraria is super fun, but not by yourself so much. More fun with a friend haha. BattleBlock Theater is really hilarious and simple, but so fun. I'm about to try all my Steam games to see how nice they run now haha.
    I've been wanting to get into Diablo 3, actually. I was enjoying WildStar a lot. But I'm really deep into FFXIV lol Big time. BF4 randomly. And random Steam games. I just tried Battleblock Theatre with a friend recently, game is fun.. and hilarious. I also fell in love with Terraria, but my friend stopped playing, and it's not so fun alone haha. If you play BF4 on PC, we should play sometime :)
    Haha I already overclocked! :) Got it to 4.2GHz with 1.2v and it seems stable! I sometimes play BF4, but really all of my time goes into Final Fantasy XIV... big time. That game got me hooked big time :) Also was playing WildStar but was getting about 4FPS on my old PC, so I stopped. Going to re-sub and try it on this one! How about you??
    I got a 4690K with a CM Seidon 120V cooler, MSI Z97-Gaming 5 board, 16 gigs of crucial ballistix sport RAM, Crucial MX100 250GB SSD, Corsair Graphite series 760T case, EVGA NEX750G G2 PSU :D Only thing I didn't replace was my GPU, and I put in one of my old 500GB Seagate drives to store stuff on. I even got it all working on the first try this time! Using it now :) Trying to adjust from going from Vista to Win 8.1 haha.
    Happy as all hell! Finally doing a new build for the first time since my original one I came to the site for ;) About to go pick up my parts, I'm so excited :D What are you running these days?
    You can add my tag to the XBL list..


    Is there a way to group friends on XBL so I can keep them seperate?
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