MSI Barebone System Give-Away

MSI Frozr is on all MSI top of the line gpus. Sooner or later I am getting MSI GTX 580 Lightning which sports Frozr III cooling.
I love the color schemes of both products, and the dual fan cooler works on their cards, better than the stock cooler!
it's quieter then stock = win and it actually exhausts heat out of the case.
Well, I like the fact that they keep the cards cool under stress and the 8mm thickness of the pipes for increased heat transfer.
Card looks to be quite overclockable given the fact that the reference 560 ti is already a very nice overclocker. Would definitely like to have one.
I like MSI because my first Nvidia card and TV Tuner were both MSI products and they were both red to match my other components.
What I like about the Frozr series is the beefed-up cooling. What I REALLY like about it is that this translates directly to me overclocking the hell out of them (my GTX 275 went pretty freaking high and didn't go beyond like 78c under load)
I remember my very first 'awesome' video card: MSI FX5700, came with Morrowind! It played quite well with Command and Conquer: Generals, too. Ah, good times. My first socket 462 and 939 motherboards were MSI, too.
Looks like the cooling solution is well designed and its ready to kick some FPS butt.
It runs cool and it makes less noise than stock config cards. one of the reasons I bought my current msi card.