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  • Hey Jebo, old fella!

    What has happened to OCW? I guess I was a bit too long away from there, but it being down was a complete shock..
    Hey Jebo -
    I saw your post on the Tyan S8812 motherboard, and the strange problems you were having. (red LED flashing, mobo won't post), etc., and how it may be related to your power supply or maybe the motherboard. I just bought and received a Tyan S8812 and am apparently having the same problem. It won't post, and the red LED flashes. I'm considering posting something on here, but thought I'd ask you if you have a quick resolution. I'm in the Newegg 30 day window so can rapidly RMA if it might be the motherboard. The PS is a brand new 1100W Athena AP-P4ATXK110FEP. I'm curious what the outcome of your story was. thanks :)
    I saw your post regarding your Agility drive and thought I'd offer some advice. I have used an Agility (& Vertex) on several nForce boards with no issues.

    (1) AHCI should not impact wiper.exe (as an aside, the 700 nForce variations support AHCI) and wiper.exe is faster in non-AHCI mode. To use wiper.exe (or Trim if you're using Windows 7), you must use the standard Microsoft drivers for the SATA controller rather than the nvidia drivers. Do so through the system manager. I've tested both sets of drivers and the Microsoft drivers are generally faster in any event.
    (2) Garbage collection works independent of SATA mode. It's a feature on the drive. It works when the drive is idling. Most users will log off but leave their PC on. I've never paid much attention to do so as I view that as an inconvenience. I simply run wiper.exe every so often (you can also schedule it). Apparently, GC kicks in more effectively with the 1.5 firmware.

    Hope this helps.
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