MSI Barebone System Give-Away

I love the beefy cooling system which always allows great overclocks beyond the default cooling solutions.
The Frozr is a well designed cooling solution that provides efficient thermal protection for today's volcanic computer components. It's priced just right for the enthusiast market and has MSI's powerful guarantee backing it up! Certainly a win-win in my eyes!:D
I've been using MSI products for more than 10 years, but their new video cards are just flat out awesome. Smooth design, powerful cooling fans, massive heatsinks and they are just so rock solid.
Better than reference design cooling is always appreciated and will always get my dollars.
The quiet and cool performance of the MSI line. I've heard nothing but good things about them.
Well built and excellent cooling. An excellent combination, wouldn't you say?
While I've never used the cooler itself, all the posts I've read are impressive. 10 to 20C drops intemps and most impressive this is not at idle but at load.
Msi got a good cooler saving people money in not having to buy a aftermarket heatsink.

Im in it 2 win it.;):D
But when you already have one that has been tested and mated to a great card, it takes all the guesswork out of it, They look pretty awesome also!!!
frozr's keep my videocards frozen cool and nice!
They're cool, quiet, and look great. I've always wanted a card from the Twin Frozr line, and now would certainly be a great time :)
cooling designed correctly from the factory that does it's job, plus allows oc'ing. no need for h2o blocks!
Rockin the 560ti right now with the Twin Frozr on it. Stays very cool and can't hear it. Would buy another in a heartbeat.
The dual fans and premo design eliminate the need to purchase additional cooling, Plus MSI card LOOKS COOL!
You are going to stick a custom cooler on your hardware anyways, why not save a step and go with MSI?
I like the great potential of the twin frozr coolers and the generally superior build quality of these graphics cards (running on my third twin frozr equipped card now). I'd like to see MSI putting more emphasis on noise-free graphics cards in the future, though: it's nice to know that you can get the card's temperatures a whopping 20°C below stock-temperatures but that delta would be put to better use when used to quieten the card out of the box. there is so much headroom with these incredible coolers - it's time to put it to better use... at least in my opinion. ;) good luck to everyone - m
MSI is pretty nice. I remember buying several of their boards for various builds. Matter of fact, my brother still has one of their old boards still running in his kid's PC. I'd definitely enjoy some new MSI lovin, give my current stuffs to my brother or my kids PC.