MSI Barebone System Give-Away

Quietness compared to the stock cooler is really important to me while making a small, quiet yet powerful system!

(so, please bring out some P67 mITX boards too :D)
Definitely the dual fans. After losing multiple GPU's due to over-heating, I always appreciate a good cooling solution.
I've been using MSI products for awhile now. Never had any problems with MSI, I love them.
Since MSI has started using military class components for their video cards along with their custom cooling, I can sum up this videocard in three words compared to the rest: cooler, faster, better!
I like it because it's way better then what's in my rig now.
Been too poor to upgrade in over 4 years :(
I just wanna win something.
MSI has been a solid manufacturer for some time. The cooloing solution should be more than adequate.
I have always had very good performance from MSI motherboards and Graphics cards. The Frozr line is just more of the best. Engineered by MSI to be the best possible performance on the cards they produce. They are quiet and cool and run beautifully!
MSI's coolers on their Frozr line have always been intelligently designed to provide maximum cooling while still being visually appealing.
MSI's FROZR line has great cooling at an affordable price. IMO they look decent as well.
MSI Frozen GPUs have superior cooling. That's very important with today's hot video cards.
I have a P67-GD55 that is great, and a 460 cyclone. I'm sure the twin frozr design is just as good.
MSI have always had very good bios support over the past 10-years.

The military class is cool, MSI has always had [H]ard core components.
The cooler looks great and the improved cooling is welcome. Since it's always a bummer to lose a card to overheating.
I love the cooling design, it seems way more efficient than reference designs.
MSI's Frozr line has really made me add them to my short list of video cards to buy. Getting an aftermarket cooler thats high quality for very little more cost is an awesome value.
MSI's FROZR line has awesome cooling which leads to quiet cards, my favorite.
MSIs Frozr line of products is ideal, its a great way to keep a GPU cool and OC at the same time!
Personally I am a big fan of the heat sinks. Stylish and shiny, but more importantly allowing me to overclock like an SOB
I like the Overclocking ability as well as the increased airflow and bigger pipelines for cooling the GPU.