MSI Barebone System Give-Away

MSI = Monstrously Superior Insight

Cool and Quite and [H]ard. That's what's best about the FROZR line.
The Twin Frozer cooling system works wonders MSI makes some real sweet cards Unbeatable price for performance and reliability, quality components, quiet, awesome overclocking capabilities, good extras, excellent design, runs cool i like that the card is already over clocked, no need to fuss with it,
For 250$ u can have one of the newest and best preforming cards of the series it runs typically 10-20% cooler than most 500 series reference cards.
i like that MSI includes DX11 demos, decent bundled software with this card and free 3D Mark 11. It's 9 inches long.
Some people have issues with cards that are 10 inches or longer, so this is a nice change props to MSI and fits into a mid tower easily from what i hear.
Might even fit a HTPC form factor... The fans appear to be of high quality with low dba. Can't go wrong with this beast but what do you expect from MSI they are a well trusted company and put out only the best hardware.
I have always been a fan of MSI and this hardware would go great in looks and performance in my new 2011 setup.
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i like the Frozr cards cuz they're cool. literally. Not only that but they're quiet to boot. makes for nice OC cards
I like how the dual fans are much quieter than a singular fan that begins buzzing noisily at over 35% speed like the one on my first video card.
I like that fact that the 560ti comes with 2 fans instead of one. Should make a cooler running video card.

I also like MSI's box designs ans graphics, they're way cool than the other guys'.
Oh man I've been looking at this setup to upgrade my PC. Well the mobo but the video card would be awesome! the extra cooling must keep things quiet. That's what I'm looking for. Sweet!:cool:
is primarily the MSI name (I run their motherboard on a couple of computers) and the fact that they use good capacitors (just like on their boards) .
Twins is twice as good.
If I had to choose from two equal GPU's but one had a single fan, I would buy the twin fan solution. A single fan would have to work harder to cool the card while dual fans doesn't.
I am glad that MSI have come to realize that good quiet cooling is something that customers wants, let it be hardcore overclockers or the average user.
sleek, cool, and never had any problems with my MSI hardware.
The biggest thing is the well equipped cooling solution to aid with overclocking. My current card is an MSI, and I've been very happy with its price and performance.
the HSF looks very cool... ouch bad pun... and the vid card looks like it would spot on match the motherboard!

Please let me build this!!!
Military class components, and the cooler design. Neliz, make me win! :D
Please enter me in the drawing. I have been a fan of MSI for a long time. Their attention to detail and Military class components being a big plus.